Welcome! Forever51blog is a fashion blog for women over-fifty to explore their thoughts about their clothes, makeup, hair, and jewelry (style) at this stage in life. We are a core group of women who regularly contribute posts that run 3 times a week (M-W-F) on a set schedule our readers can rely upon. We welcome guest contributors and consider ourselves a forum for celebrating our age and this fantastic time.

Some of our posts are heavy on photos while others incorporate humorous or inspirational writing, but all include … music! Because music can set a mood or add another layer of meaning. Can you imagine a party with no music? Exactly! At the end of each post is an embedded youtube video so you can play the video while you look at the photos, or read the story, then watch the video. Laugh along with us!

Additionally, we try to offer a “Real-Real Behind the Scenes” aspect to every post, that shows reality as opposed to the usual, idealized fantasty-world of fashion. No perfection here! We are all about Real Life, haha.

Meet the Forever 51 Team!

Marcie Everhart

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Marcie is an award-winning editor, writer, and photographer who thought she dressed so funky and eclectic until she began this blog. The evidence is clear — she’s more classic than she could have possibly imagined. It may be a pair of classic black leather motorcycle pants or a pair of classic saddle-oxford shoes, but they’re still classic. She loves thinking and writing about clothes and the feelings they evoke. A collection of Marcie So Classic posts appears here.

Shelley Mahan Graham

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Shelley shows us how to wear the very latest trends in a creative, polished, tasteful ensemble that is eye-popping in a good way! A former marketing major in college, she focuses on the interplay between color, fabric, texture, and shape. There is a sense of whimsy to her outfits, and frankly, she’s a bit girlie with the bows and ruffles! Be delighted with Shelley So Trendy here.

Suki Bickett

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An aura of elegance surrounds Suki. Even if she’s wearing scruffy blue jeans and a sweatshirt, there’s a touch of refined luxury in the necklace, rich lipstick or sweep of hair. Suki will mostly focus on career looks or special occasion dressing for us. In her job, she looks at a lot of medical records and numbers. She’s precise! And her immaculate looks can be seenĀ here at Suki So Chic.

Tammy Seibert

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Tammy does weddings and before that, hosted dress-me-up tea parties for girls of all ages at her and her husband’s Victorian tea room and before that, was a fashion merchandising college major. Can she help being romantic with a dash of the dramatic? She’s our boho girl and a sucker for a theatrical sleeve and hat! Be swept away with Tammy So Romantic here.

Please hang out with us! We hope you find something that makes you smile and brightens your day.