Robin: Flannel — The Old Faithful with a Feminine Twist

By Robin Stone

pic2 (2)

Who doesn’t have an old flannel shirt that is worn to threads, but we refuse to let it go, because it is TRULY the Most Comfortable Shirt we own!!

pic3 (2)

You see flannel today worn as jackets, tied around waists with t-shirts, and tied in the front as a crop. I love all of these, but at some point, I feel like I want to be a little more “Sophisticated” (better than saying I need to act more my age!), while being trendy!

pic1 (2)

That is why I love this shirt. It is soft flannel with a beautiful embellished back. It is long enough to cover the muffin top, but not too long for those of us with short legs!

pic4 (2)

It is the perfect Feminine Twist for those of us who want to keep our old faithful vibe, but need a little more coverage than we used to!

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Shopping Links

shirt1 (2)shirt2 (2)shirt3 (2)

Johnny Was Austin Velvet Mix Jasmine Plaid Tunic, Country Outfitter, $153.

Johnny Was Loire Plaid Shirt with Embroidered Velvet Back, Neiman Marcus, $258.

MM Vintage Hi Lo Embellished Plaid Dress, Country Outfitter, $51.

jeans1 (2)jeans2 (2)bootie (2)

Kut from the Kloth Diana Kurvy Curvy Skinny Jeans, Macy’s, $94.

PAIGE Transcend Skyline Skinny Jeans (Brentyn), Nordstrom, $199.

Pearse Booties, 6 colors, Dolce Vita, $81.


*Photos of Robin by Tammy Seibert


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