Kathy: Plaid, Please

By Kathy Wallace

While browsing the shopping complex of Classen Curve recently and exploring the variety of stores and boutiques, I stepped into Francesca’s because it looked like an interesting store with current trends. The plaid poncho of soft neutral colors instantly caught my eye, and I knew it would blend perfectly into my wardrobe of coats, as a very functional light-weight piece for layering.

pic1 (2)

I was excited to try it today and share with you in anticipation of wearing it very soon! The plaid mix of neutral colors in the lightweight, soft fabric is very similar to the ongoing popular blanket scarf.

pic2 (2)

The poncho will be comfortable both inside the car, or outdoors… A quick “throw on” for in and out errands, and a great cover at the movies which are always somewhat chilly. The poncho has been added as a new addition to my fall wardrobe.

pic3 (2)

As I was organizing my closet and transitioning summer to fall, and after a couple of bags of clothing for donation, I am grateful and it makes me very happy to share my clothing with other women. I know the recipient of the garment will love and enjoy each piece of clothing just as I did. ❤️

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, while trying on the new plaid poncho for an earlier group blog post about our new favorite piece of fall clothing…

kien (2)
Editor’s Note: This kitty! Striking the same pose as her mommy.

A Little Background Music

Shopping Link


Madeleine Plaid Ruana, Francesca’s, $48.


*Photos of Kathy by art photographer Darrin Presley

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