Marcie: I Broke Down and Bought a Vivid Yellow Sweater

By Marcie Everhart

“…burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles…” — Jack Kerouac

Those who follow me know I have 56 sweaters (this includes heavy winter, light summer, and various shawls), and I’m always whining about my closet clutter. I’ve sworn to not add anything more unless I can think of five ways to wear it, easily. So, this yellow sweater happened — but, but, seriously it looks great and cheerful with everything! It was only $20 at Forever 21, and I can throw it away when it snags and pills. Arghhhhh! Until then — I’m gonna burn like a fabulous yellow roman candle.

With Red Plaid Pants

redpic1 (2)

…with a snazzy red plaid pant and leopard-print, calf-hair flat.

redpic4 (2)

redpic3 (2)

With Green Cargo Camo Pants

camo1 (2)

…with leafy green camouflage prints and velvet floral booties.

camo2 (2)

camo3 (2)

With Yellow Skinny Jeans

yellow1 (2)

…with bright yellow skinny jeans, to explore a more monochromatic look, with leopard booties and a butterscotch toffee leather jacket.

yellow3 (2)

yellow2 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

mag (2)
Michael Kors Collection Fall 2018 ad campaign…

Tammy So Romantic: You have those pants, Marce, you already have them! You just need a yellow sweater!

Marcie So Eclectic: But, girrl, if you give a mouse a cookie…

picrr (2)

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

sweaterbootie1 (2)shoe (2)

Topshop Ribbed Crewneck Sweater, Nordstrom, $60. The cheap Forever 21 version is long gone.

Hispanitas Portia Floral Stretch Velvet Bootie, Limited Quantities, Nordstrom, $240.

Steve Madden Feather-L Genuine Calf Hair Loafer Flat, Nordstrom, $90.

pant2 (2)camopant (2)yellowpant (2)

The Peter Nygard plaid leggings I’m wearing are sold out as well. Here’s an option. UO Casey Kick Flare Pant, Urban Outfitters, $39.

Topshop Benny Camo Crop Trousers, Nordstrom, $40.

Calvin Klein High Rise Skinny Jeans, Autumn, Limited Sizing, Lord & Taylor, $32.


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