Robin: The Autumn Wool Blazer

By Robin Stone

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile” – John Howard Bryant (Indian Summer)

pic3 (2)

Autumn is my favorite time of year. It means that a break is coming from the relentless heat. It means that football season is here, with tailgates and Monday night football games to watch. It means we start to smell pinion wood burning in fire pits and chimineas in our neighborhoods.

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It is truly Mother Nature’s way of saying “okay my children, it is time to slow down and enjoy the beauty around you in the trees and nature before we say goodbye to another year.” This is also the time of year when we put all of our Summer clothes away and get excited all over again to wear all of the Fall and Winter clothes we had forgotten we had. There is nothing more timeless, in my opinion than a wool blazer. Mine has the elbow patches, which may or may not still be fashionable, but I love the “Vintage” feel it has!

pic2 (2)

pic4 (2)

I also own turtleneck sweaters in just about every color. They are easy and have a “Classy” feel about them. I like the vibe of this outfit, Vintage with a touch of Class!

pic5 (2)

Happy Fall, everyone!

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Shopping Links

jacket1 (2)jacket2 (2)jacket3 (2)

Cremieux Gigi Herringbone Menswear Blazer, Espresso, Dillard’s, $159.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Menswear Plaid Check Wool-Blend Blazer, Dillard’s, $153.

Treasure & Bond Plaid Double Breasted Blazer, Nordstrom, $99.

top1 (2)top2 (2)boot1 (2)boot2 (2)

Coolmax Turtleneck, Teak Taupe, 14 colors, Chico’s, $66.

Turtleneck Sweater, Winter White, 5 colors, Ann Taylor, $70.

Sam Edelman Packer Ankle Bootie, Saddle, Belk, $130.

Apt. 9 Timezone High Heel Ankle Boots, Cognac, 7 colors, Kohl’s, $32.


*Photos of Robin by Tammy Seibert



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