My Fashion Mistakes

By Marcie Everhart

I counted. I own 295 summer pieces of clothing and 262 winter pieces. There, I said it. My closets (two, winter and summer kept separate) drive me nuts. I am confronted with myself when I look at all the different styles, complicated plans, “bargains,” awkward fits, and forgotten intentions. Lol. It’s a rabbit hole.

I have a friend, Shelley, who is the best dresser I know, and she has been since I met her in college over 35 years ago. And when you look at her closet, you’re shocked at how little is in there and how much she accomplishes with it… she buys a few things each season, smartly at the Nordstrom sale, and discards the older. She’s on the edge of fashion, always looking forward, never backward, and everything fits her life right this very second.

I so desperately want that clarity, that disciplined focus, without all the memories, sentimentality, emotions involved. As today’s team discussion, I’ve asked help from my fellow Forever 51 girls, to talk me through getting rid of a few things. Lol. Let’s do this!

The Duplications


Marcie So Eclectic: When I “upgrade” I need to learn to let go of the inferior choice that the new is replacing. I will never choose it over the newer, right? On the left, is an older pair of white skinny jeans, with a lower rise. This past summer, I bought the more interesting pair on the right — with a higher rise, cropped leg, and shark-bite, raw hem. It’s way cooler, right? And maybe this is how the duplicates happen in my closet… I upgrade but hold on to the older thinking there may be a time I’ll pick them instead. I won’t. Is this how I end up with 8 beige sweaters and 7 denim shirts?!

Suki So Chic: The only bad about getting rid of a style of jean is they seem to come and go. I normally hang on to them for awhile until I’m sure the trend is not coming back!

Kathy So Glamorous: Both are cute. This works for a casual weekend or hamburgers at your favorite pub. A plaid blanket scarf over the shoulder, done and out the door you go!

Robin So Rockin’: Love this!! I say keep both jeans. Eventually you are gonna spill something all over one of them and then… you will still have the other pair!!! This is how I justify things!😁

Tammy So Romantic: Oh yes! A plaid scarf would be perfect over this.

Challenge Accepted

pic5 (2)

Marcie So Eclectic: I’ve been determined to figure out a way to wear this snowflake half-sweater for TEN YEARS now. Lol. You know, layering sweater over sweater, or as the added cozy bodice over a sleek dress… I GIVE UP. I need to learn to accept failure gracefully! Life shouldn’t be this hard, right? I think I create challenges for myself.

Tammy So Romantic: Crop tops are in… but I think it looks like it shrunk!😘

Suki So Chic: 🀣🀣

Kathy So Glamorous: Just a little too short. Needs to be cropped at the waist.

Marcie: Ya’ll don’t tell anyone, but I wore the cut-off shirt when I was a teenager… my brother was on the football team and he had a million cut-off shirts for practice that I’d steal and wear. I wore it with cut-off jean shorts and tall tube socks. THIS reminds me of that.

Robin So Rockin’: No. No. No.

Marcie: 😬 πŸ˜‚

That Size Is Not My Friend

pic3 (2)

Marcie: Uhm, size 6? When was the last time I was a size 6? You may be thinking ‘that doesn’t look that bad,’ but the photo is deceiving. I can’t breathe. It’s tight everywhere. It’s a pretty floral, but it’s making me feel so bad. Next.

Tammy: I mean how are you even fitting into a size 6??? I think I wore that size in 3rd grade!

Marcie: It’s not zipped up in the back. πŸ˜‰

Suki: Suck it in, baby!! πŸ˜‚

Kathy: 😳

Robin: I really like this look. I like the dress. I am thinking hair up? To take away from the dress.

Kathy: Excellent, Robin! Agree. It’s a lovely dress. Worn with a wide brimmed hat and small purse. Wedding, church, proper attire. Classic. Tailored.

Tammy: Girls, she can’t zip it up!

Robin: She looks fabulous tho!!!

Marcie: Well, crap on a cracker! You guys are worse than I am about holding on to stuff! Maybe if I lost just five pounds?…

Sucked Into A Sale!

pic4 (2)

Marcie: The tags are still on this white pleather jacket, Bisou Bisou from JC Penney, which tells me this was on a 75% off sales rack and with the $10 coupons they send me, I probably paid $5 for this. I envisioned an all-white outfit, head to toe, with different textures — like the smooth surface of the pleather against a ribbed turtleneck. Or a striking black-and-white ensemble. Got it home… then this HUGE lapel started freaking me out. Now I’m confused — is this tacky?? The skirt almost saves it. The jacket makes a squelching noise when I move…

Tammy: This looks like what I would have worn at the tearoom… with the feathered hat!

Marcie: Well, that’s the dang problem — I need a hat. Lol.

Suki: I can see Tammy in this! I love it!

Kathy: I see visions of a disco ball and John Travolta! This jacket is too massive in detail for the front of this small body.

Robin: No.

Dated Or Vintage?

pic7 (2)

Marcie: I’ve held on to this black-and-white stripe, silk, Ralph Lauren blouse for sentimental reasons for probably 20 years, without really wearing it. I wore it a lot to work as a marketing director in Houston, a happy, exciting time for me. But, get this. Bras have changed so much, right? They’ve become basically two chunks of foam you strap to your body which completely changes the frame you’re working with. And a gapping bustline with stripes? Lol. We now have a visual bullseye placed directly on a problem. I was going to have a whole ‘is this dated? what is dated in a confusing world of low-quality fast fashion and high-quality slow fashion’ conversation, but my problems are bigger than that!

Tammy: Definitely get rid of if it gaps!

Marcie: I’m pitching my shoulders forward to try to reduce the gap.

Suki: If the shirt has enough fabric inside the seams, maybe an alterations professional can adjust it for you.

Kathy: Wear the lacy bralettes. A little exposure of either a cami, silk tank, or a bralette for lighter support would change the entire look of this blouse. Envision with either a long strand of pearls, gold or silver long necklace.

Marcie: We’re going backward, ladies! πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ

Robin: I am thinking you should let the shirt go then… it is hard to make it work if it gaps in the front. And if you start layering it, then you will have too much to tuck in! 😁

It’s Just Not My Thing

pic6 (2)

Marcie: I realize now I hate this sweater with my entire being. Maybe the skirt, too. Why did I ever buy this sweater? I guess it fits, but the NECKLINE is gigantic on me, awkward. It’s too… polka-dotty. So many polka dots, not in a good, cheerful way. In an angry, overly regimented, anal-retentive way.

Suki: I love this one!! Keep!! It goes good with the shoes you got on!!

Tammy: Yes, I agree. Could be cute with your striped black and white pants. These:


Marcie: (sigh)

Kathy: Positive on the red skirt and shoes. The polka dot sweater is not your style for your eccentric persona.

Robin: Yes to the skirt. No with this sweater. The sweater looks too small.

My Mermaid Fantasy


Marcie: These sequins look like fish scales, not fabulous sparkly glamour. It’s more like fishing tackle than mermaid. This is very sad.

pic14 (2)

Tammy: Okay, actually I don’t hate this! Kind of fun for New Years!

Marcie: I’m wondering how it would look OVER jeans… But is it age appropriate? I wore it to another Christmas party four years ago with black tights and a huge sweater and booties. Everything about the outfit seems wrong in hindsight, haha.


Tammy: Maybe its party life is over… Age appropriate??? God, are we back to that???

Kathy: A good time was had by all.

Suki: I love this!!

Kathy: It’s cute in this ensemble though. Are sequins still in, specifically on a mini skirt? If so, what is age appropriate for a sequin mini skirt? I say if you can rock it , then wear it. The way in which Marcie is wearing this ensemble is a perfect blend. The over the knee boots remove the accustomed vision of an entire leg exposure when wearing a mini skirt. The blouse over the top of the skirt waist band contributes to the soft flow of all pieces paired together. I say YES to the sequin mini!

Robin: I am saying yes to the jacket and the shirt. And I don’t hate the skirt. But not all at the same time!!😁

Marcie: OHMIGOD, you guys are not helping at all! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ This is how I accumulate so much stuff!

Marcie: My husband as he was taking this picture says “Hey, this reminds me of those Christmas pillows we just saw at Hobby Lobby.”

Ho Ho Ho.

My Fairy Princess Fantasy


Marcie: Okay, this is the tulle skirt fail. I saw all these big fashion bloggers wearing them, perched like dainty little elves in the forest, but I look like a poofy snowball. On the left, when I wear it at my waist, it makes me look thicker. It’s better on the right when you move it down on the hips, but then you can’t raise your arms all night. Being 5’2″ with no defined waistline, this extra volume is just what I neeeeded!

Marcie: Oh, and it itches like FIRE. The question becomes can I stand around drinking cocktails for two hours and not claw at it.

Suki: I like how it looks with the red top!!

Tammy: You look so pretty!

Marcie: Not helping, guys! πŸ˜‚ Tammy — 😘

Robin: No to the left… yes to the red.

Tammy: But it’s hard when you are the short girl! In your mind, you are seeing the Pinterest pictures! Am I right?


Marcie: Exactly. Everything. These girls are ridiculous!


Tammy: The thing is… I know you are eclectic but you don’t seem the tulle skirt kind of girl! You seem more like the sequined skirt kind of girl! Am I wrong???

Marcie: I’m a woman of many moooods… lol.

Kathy: No mid calf tulle skirt for anyone above the age of 5, unless you are a ballerina.

Marcie: Yesss! This is the guidance I need!

The Investment Piece

Tammy: How much money??? When you say investment piece, is it gonna make me cry?


Marcie: This is a Ralph Lauren, camel mohair wool jacket with brown leather buttons, fully lined, bought new circa early 1990s. The shoulder pads are humongous, hang off my shoulders and make my head look tiny. I wore the heck out of this in Houston, and thought I looked like Katharine Hepburn. πŸ˜„πŸ™„

Tammy: Don’t get rid of Ralph Lauren ever! I love the Katharine Hepburn look!

Robin: You DO have the Katharine Hepburn look! That is why I love it. I’m with Tammy, NEVER get rid of Ralph Lauren.

Kathy: Beautiful. Gorgeous. A quality garment that I would retain in my wardrobe just because it is classy.

Marcie: Guys, the way it is now, the jacket is wearing me instead of me wearing it. It’s humongous on top.

Suki: I can tell how well it’s made. You should take it to a tailor to have the shoulder pads removed or reduced. Let a professional give it a more current style.

Marcie: That’s what I’m going to do — I love this damn thing too much.

Tammy: Then style it with florals and tennis shoes like this:


Suki: Yes, worn with more fall colors not the white! Tammy, that’s exactly what I was picturing.

Tammy: I found this style guide for Katharine!


Marcie: Well, that’s goals. I think I just need to throw everything away and start over. #katharine

A Little Background Music

You knew it was coming! Elsa got rid of her snowflake half-sweater too.



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