Kathy: Ruffles — Yes or No?

By Kathy Wallace

pic2 (2)

I said Yes! I will admit that I was a little hesitant at first in wearing ruffles, but the ones in this beautiful blouse convinced me to give it a try. After trying on the blouse and wearing it for this photo shoot, I have fallen in love once again with ruffles. Fashion does repeat itself, and I am now repeating wearing ruffles though in a very subdued way.

pic1 (2)

This blouse has several layers of ruffles that are very subtle and expertly blended into the blouse. They are soft, flowy, and made of the same print as the fabric of the blouse.

The cropped, flared jean worn with an above-the-ankle, shorter boot. Loved!

Romantic, feminine, and the obvious must-have for this season. Ruffles — sassy and feminine, or daring and bold.

Here’s a little history of ruffles, one of the most feminine fashion statements. Flashback to ruffles worn by debutantes in the 1950s, everyone’s favorite child star Shirley Temple, and the beautiful and sassy Scarlet O’Hara in the movie “Gone With The Wind.”


Ruffles also graced men’s garments and lovely, elegant formal dresses.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Editor’s Note: Kathy’s childhood address popped up during this photo shoot… a sign of love and support from beyond.

addresspic (2)

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

Editor’s Note: All of the pieces Kathy is wearing are available through the wonderful Pink Attitude Boutique in Oklahoma City.

top (2)jeanboot

Live for Now Top, Pink Attitude Boutique, $46.

Bellini Crop Flare Denim, Pink Attitude Boutique, $48.

Sand Dunes Bootie, Pink Attitude Boutique, $39.


*Photos of Kathy by Darrin Presley

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