Robin: Old Soul

By Robin Stone

pic1 (2)

We shot this session at the 21C Museum Hotel in Oklahoma City. The building was originally built in 1916 and was a Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant. The hotel has done a fantastic job with keeping an “Industrial” feel that honors the building’s manufacturing history. I  had not thought about all of this when I chose my vintage jacket for the photo shoot. It actually dawned on me while we were taking photo shots, that I had made the perfect choice!

pic2 (2)

I had been seeing more and more of the vintage manufacturing/industrial style jackets and shirts, but I wasn’t sure I would ever find something that caught my eye enough for me to buy it, until I saw this one. First of all, I am not a big fan of jackets and coats. I am too hot-natured, they feel too bulky to me, and I get completely claustrophobic with all of those clothes on. This one was lightweight and short, and almost felt more like a top than a jacket.

pic4 (2)

But it was the Implement Dealership logo on the back that sealed the deal on the purchase. My Dad owned an implement dealership in my hometown for several years before he died, and to see that logo on the back just brought back memories of the shirts and jackets the guys that worked on all of the equipment when it came in, would wear. It felt natural that I should own it!

pic5 (2)

I like that this style is a multitude of moods/statements. Vintage, Free-Spirit, Gypsy Traveler, or, the best to describe me most of the time…Old Soul!

pic3 (2)
Simple, metal, peace-sign earrings make one think of wheels or gears. — Marcie

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

pic6 (2)

pic7 (2)

pic8 (2)

Editor’s Note: The most “Industrial” feeling place in the museum-hotel is actually the main floor bathroom, where humorous videos play in the mirror for guests. Different, crazy characters talk to you as you wash your hands and touch-up your makeup. This one did us all in!

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes Take Two

picrr (2)

Editor’s Note: Robin moves through the quirky hotel, previously a Ford assembly plant, like a ghost from the past.

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

Editor’s Note: Robin found this jacket at Magnolia Pearl in Fredericksburg, TX. Their vintage clothing shopping website is unlike any I’ve ever seen — first-class, super creative, a truly gorgeous experience with lots of mood music, videos, a gallery of professional photos, lookbook catalogues upon request, each piece for sale clearly described, a complete list of reseller stores in each state. And look at this darling place.


These folks are building a powerhouse vintage brand with global reach. Below is a few of the special things you can find and buy online.

pearl1pearl4 (2)pearl2


*Photos of Robin by Darrin Presley and Marcie Everhart

1 Comment

  1. Robin this is so precious to do vintage style, in a vintage setting in a Museum-Hotel. I really want to go see the museum and I need to add it to my bucket list.


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