Fall-ing In Love

By Marcie Everhart

Editor’s Note: The question I posed to the team was “What are you buying for fall?” What is on your mind that will help you celebrate the season, make your sartorial mark on the world, or complete or update your wardrobe to this moment in time? The discussion appears below.

Marcie: I’m trying to deal with putting away summer and bringing in winter. I just counted 56 sweaters. WHY?? No one should have 56 sweaters! And I hate most of them! My closet just confuses me! And if you were to ask me ‘Marce, how many sweaters do you own?’ I would have said ‘eh, maybe 20-25.’

Suki: You do not want to see my clothes laid out on the bed in the guest bedroom as I’m getting ready to swap the summer and fall clothes!! It’s a disaster!! So many duplicate color and style!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚

Marcie: Exactly what I’m talking about! I have 8 beige sweaters. What is my fascination with beige sweaters?? Lol. I need an intervention on the beige sweaters.

Suki: I totally agree … I’ve got so much black, beige and burgundy!!

Tammy: 56 sweaters???? Lordy Be.

Kathy: I am so glad that I am not the only one with a clothes addiction. For the first time, I believe all unwanted unworn pieces have been donated. I am so very blessed to have the ability to pick and choose my selection of clothing, and I’m grateful to share.

Marcie: I’m feeling, more so than ever before, that anything new added to this mess has to really be amazing. It needs to be versatile, can be styled up or down, and go with at least five other things I already own!

Marcie: These Pants!

Marcie: I bought some pants at H&M the week before last, now I can’t find them online! Ugh, that drives me crazy. But this is a pant they still have that is sorta similar, to show ya’ll:


Marcie: They look great with ANY shoe, ANY top, ANY occasion! Okay, here’s a pic of mine, hanging in the place of honor in my closet, lol. Flat front, pockets, slouchy cut. LOOOOVE!

bosspants (2)

Marcie: These read to me as part Charlie-Chaplin-quirky-girl and part masculine-confident-power. You know, men don’t worry ’bout looking “sexy,” they dress to be viewed as powerful or in charge. I love clothes that are sort of “anti-sexy” right now? I like the statement of “I don’t have time for that” and “you gonna have to buy a ticket if you wanna see sexy.” Lol. Sooo these pants fulfill my requirement to make a nonverbal political statement, haha. I guess.

<<Marcie: Guys, this could be a cool post. See what this is shaping into? — just group discussion about new pieces we’ve decided to buy for fall. Say how we plan to wear them, why we bought them, etc. Why was this so exciting to you right now? I think my choice is a political statement? LOL. I not only wear Pants, I wear Big Damn Pants. 😏>>

Tammy: This Skirt!

Tammy: For some reason I’m really being drawn to browns and rusts for fall. But I also bought a black leather fringe skirt in New York. I can’t wait to style it! This is what it looks like:


Marcie: Shoot a pic with your phone and post it here! Lay it on the bed, hang it from a tree, don’t care — wannnnna see it!

t1en (2)

Tammy: So the black leather fringe skirt! Will I wear the suede Guess black booties with gold buckles or the Nine West suede platforms?? Decisions decisions …

Kathy: Buckles. (4 likes of agreement.)

Marcie: Shazzzzam, girl!

Suki: This Color!

Suki: This top is a rose/gold and super cute with jeans or slacks. Can dress it up or down!😍

s1en (2)

Marcie: Wow, this is a really pretty color — I bet it looks gorgeous on you!

Suki: I love the color! Champagne color!!

Marcie: Where did you get this? How are you gonna wear it?

Suki: Got it at Dillard’s. I plan to wear it with a black corduroy pant! For a semi-formal holiday outing.

Marcie: That’s going to be perfect, Suki, with the subdued, elegant shine.

Kathy: This Accessory!

Kathy: My new shawl —

kien (2)

Tammy: Love it and I really love kitty in the background.❀️

Marcie: Kitty wants in the picture too! Mimicking your exact pose, haha! A natural.

Kathy: Marcie, you need to check out Colour Pop lipstick and gloss at Ulta. All within your color palette. (Marcie: Readers, I have ongoing issues with matching my skin tone, yah! Kathy helps me with this!) Amazing product for the price point. $7 and up. I have most of the colors!

Marcie: I Googled Colour Pop, omg, I love the names already!!! Scorpio Moon! Get A Room! Lol.

Kathy: They stay on too! Especially the lip paints in the wand, not real glossy.

Robin: This Boot!

Robin: Okay, girls. Here is the story. I have not purchased anything for the Fall as of today. SO. I was in the Plaza District today for “The Day of the Dead” festival, and I remembered this new little boutique that opened about a month ago. So I walked in and told the owner that I was involved in this blog and asked her if she would pretty much dress me and take a couple of pics, and I would absolutely purchase something and mention her and her new store on the blog (I hope that is okay).

Marcie: Absolutely!! I think this is one of our really important missions. Robin, this is brilliant! We all shop, plan, organize, and execute differently. This is a legitimate approach, fashion sister!

Robin: This is what we came up with. Since I thought of this as I was driving to the Plaza district, my hair is a mess. 😁😬

r1en (2)

Kathy: I like this!! And I think your hair looks awesome! I like the wave!!

Robin: I did end up with the black boots, which are wonderful, and the jeans. The store is Tallulah Lou and her name is Melva. Her Facebook is here and her Instagram is here.

Marcie: I will be going there. Stat. I’m intrigued by that soft-blue, off-the-shoulder sweater with a triple-tiered sleeve. No, wait … I already have 56 sweaters, for the love of Pete!! Ugh.

Endings/ Beginnings

Marcie: Ladies, this blows me away — how each of us acquired something so representative of that woman’s aesthetic and style. Tammy chose a bold, dramatic skirt, Suki something with magical color and a trendy sleeve treatment, Kathy a shawl in a luxurious fabric, Robin and her black, edgy, pointed-toe boot, grrrr, and me with a pair of smart, plaid man-pants. Coool!

Marcie: I can’t wait to see what all you do with these new pieces, whether developed into blog posts with beautiful photos or simply loved and enjoyed privately.

A Little Background Music

The Temptations — each so different and so divine. “Ohhhhhh — I! I can make the seasons change, just by waving my hand!”


*The preview/lead “photo” is a fall graphic designed and made available by freepik.com.


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