Marcie: The Wedding Anniversary Dress

By Marcie Everhart

I wanted a girly dress to wear for my 10-Year Anniversary to Mr. Engineer, although girly can be a bit of a challenge for me to pull off. I’m petite for one thing, and a lot of bows, ruffles, and frills can overwhelm my frame. Then there’s the hard, cold truth — I’m not a very romantic person! I’m more of the jaded, eye-rolling, get-out-of-my-way type of princess!

lace7 (2)

But 10 years is special, right? I really wanted something kind of … special, but you can wear it later in a variety of ways, right? Who knew Reba would have the answer — Reba McEntire’s line of cowgirl-flavored, fancy stuff. Lol. This is a cream lace, sleeveless shift with a lace pattern that is more geometric/Native American than floral. Can’t you just see this with a wool, Native American-patterned shawl and cowboy boots? Or a rich, dark velvet shirt and squash blossom necklace? OMG, and the potential hats …

lace (2)

But, let’s get back to the “Bridal Dress Lite” I’m feeling at the moment. I tried a bunch of booties — black Moto boot, black velvet floral bootie, leopard print bootie, etc. No, no, no.


I tried over the dress a veil-like, black, sheer, Betsey Johnson shrug-thing my mom foisted upon me. My blessed mother is still trying to make my look a little more feminine. It just didn’t feel like ME. Zebra-stripe pump, meh.


What feels like me? My black Moto jacket, to temper the girly dress, the last sarcastic comment on the whole matter, the thing that says “yes, I know you have a romantic bone somewhere in your body, but take this jacket with you just in case the world ends while you’re at the restaurant and you have to fight your way out with the steak knives.”

lace5 (2)

lace1 (2)

lace6 (2)

My outfit may be a little cliché, with the whole leather-and-lace thing happening, but it’s still pretty and romantic and exciting. My rings spell out “x’s and o’s” in a junior-high, love-note way.

lace4 (2)

lace3 (2)

A very cool touch: Paseo Grill offers bifocals on each table in case you forget yours at home.

lace2 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


My favorite Native American artist is Cynthia Clay of the Comanche tribe, whose surrealistic work always features Woman at the center of her dream-scapes. Here she wears a cloak of Night in a poster to promote an arts festival.

posterpic (2)

Mr. Engineer and I, posterized.

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

Another cool touch

Reba Sleeveless Tonal Embroidered Midi Dress, Limited sizing, Dillard’s, $35.


Cubic Zirconia 14K Gold X Ring, JC Penney, $60.

Diamond Circle Ring, Macy’s, $100.

*Photos by Dale Amlee and Marcie Everhart

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