There’s That Smile I’m Looking For

By Editor Marcie Everhart

While we were all together at that beautiful art museum/hotel in downtown Oklahoma City called 21C, we thought we’d grab a new group shot for the home page of the blog! I described to everyone these intriguing print ads I’d been seeing in Vogue magazine — with a group of models arranged in “real-life” settings doing “real-life” things such as waiting for a bus or waiting in a boring line.

DSC_2529 (2)

DSC_2528 (2)

Here’s our attempt to recreate, lol —

pic1 (2)
From left, Robin, Kathy, Marcie, Suki, and Tammy.

I think we nailed that “cool people waiting in line” vibe! I am full of admiration for Robin, Tammy, and Kathy with their excellent handbag/clutch accessorization. (Me with the brown paper grocery sack is an inside joke — yeah, I actually do that. It usually contains spare shoes. Don’t throw any sacks away! You may need ’em to carry around your shoes in.)

pic2 (2)

We tried a few at the bar, photos shots not drink shots, well, some of us did both.

pic3 (2)

pic4 (2)

But we had the most fun with some purple penguins (these guys are scattered around the hotel, a signature Instagram prop for 21C) —

pic5 (2)
See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil .. was there another one we’re forgetting?
pic7 (2)
Such an amazing shot … of the guy cooking in the kitchen in the background. Lol!
picex (2)
Definitely superhero fantasies going on here …

Then The One happens.

pic6 (2)

Happy fall! Happy October! Get the silk out and wear it! Explore the beautiful places in your neck of the woods!

Love Forever,

The Forever 51 Girls

A Little Background Music

Silky, smooth and snap!

Shopping Links

All the tops and dresses we are wearing are from the lovely Sofia Collections. Each piece appears in an individual post from each member of our team.


*Photos of the group by Darrin Presley

**Photos shot at 21C Museum Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City

*** Clothing provided for review by Sofia Collections

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