Suki: From Light to Dark

By Suki Bickett

pic1 (2)
This dark navy and white ombré style dress has a tropical feel but at the same time is an elegant look for any occasion, a beautiful match to my style and look.

Ombré: the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark

pic2 (2)
This tunic dress is perfect for a night on the town or even a day of shopping. Imagine dancing in this dress.

The coloring technique has become a popular feature for hair, nails, make-up, baking, embroidery, home decor, and graphic design.

pic3 (2)
It’s super light-weight, incredibly soft and comfortable.

Martha Stewart describes the gentle progression of color in ombré as a transition from wakefulness to slumber.

pic6 (2)

pic4 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Editor’s Note: We’re just letting our little light shine here on this Forever 51 blog. :^)

pic5A (2)

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

Sofia’s Italian washable silk showcases the ombré dyeing technique.

dress1wrap (2)dress2 (2)

Christa White Navy N-Neck Tunic Dress, Sofia Collections, $163.

Key White Black Ombre Wrap, Sofia Collections, $125.

Sofia Red Ombre Dress, Sofia Collections, $127.


*Photos of Suki by Darrin Presley

**Photos shot at 21C Museum Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City

*** Clothing provided for review by Sofia Collections


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