Marcie: Fire — Literalllly

By Marcie Everhart

pic1A (2)

This silk top from the Sofia Collections makes me feel kinda like a superhero wearing it — I’d be The Flame! Lol. The color is literally fire, shimmering and glowing.

pic2 (2)

The fabric is at constant play with the light, sizzling.

pic4 (2)

The flowing design shifts into different shapes around my form.

pic3 (2)

I feel powerful and fascinating in it.

All of the Sofia designs are made of washable silk for easy care and are one-size-fits-all for easy wear.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

picrr (2)

A big smile — the best superpower of all, able to transform everything.

The superpower of Darrin, our photographer, transforms the everyday world around him into an artistic moment —

“Don’t hide your smile.” — Darrin Presley’s Instagram, 9/16/18

A Little Background Music

“I’m an or-di-na-ry girl, and I’m burning down the house!” Bonnie is fire.

Shopping Link

Paula Coral Top, Sofia Collections, $125.


*Photos of Marcie by Darrin Presley

**Photos shot at 21C Museum Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City


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