Robin: Sofia’s Silk

Editor’s Note: What would you say to a 100% washable silk line of clothing in intelligent designs that are truly one-size-fits-all, combining the world’s most luxurious fabric from Italy with ease of wear and care … that would be the vision of designer Paula Davila and her Sofia Collections in Houston, TX. You can find these treasures online and in many boutiques across the country however. Today kicks off a series in which each of us five evaluates a different piece provided by Sofia so you can see the various styles and colors on different women. Darrin Presley shot all of the silk garments for us at the 21C Museum Hotel, an artsy boutique hotel in downtown Oklahoma City occupying a former Ford Model T factory in Automobile Alley. We basically found an art gallery space in which to photograph Paula’s clothing works of arts. Enjoy, friends.

By Robin Stone

pic1A (2)

I first met Paula Davila at Fashion Market in Dallas about ten years ago. Her clothing line was fairly new and I fell in love with it almost instantly. I Loved the Italian silk. I Loved that it didn’t have to be dry-cleaned. I Loved all of the brilliant colors she used!

pic3 (2)

Every season when new styles and colors would come out, I basically wanted one of everything, which I tried very hard to accomplish (much to the dismay of my credit card). I do own quite a few of Sofia design pieces, and I can attest to the fact that they are super comfortable, while still looking very chic.

pic4 (2)

I never take mine to the cleaners, I always just wash them on a delicate cycle, and they have held up fine! And lastly, I have been fortunate enough to be in a position to show other ladies the line, ladies of all shapes and sizes and ages, and this truly is a clothing line that anyone can wear.

pic5 (2)

There is almost never a time, when I have been wearing one of her pieces that I don’t get complimented on the dress/top, whatever it is. It is my “Go To” on so many levels from my closet! Try it out! I promise, you won’t be sorry!!!

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes: The Color Yellow

I have always thought I couldn’t wear the color yellow. Not in any shape, fashion, or form. Yellow is kind of a hard color because there truly are some skin tones and hair colors that it just doesn’t agree with. I am looking around at the Fall styles this season, and there is a TON of different yellows! Mustard yellow is really a great shade for Fall, in my opinion, and I DO own one mustard colored shirt, and I always tell myself I need to broaden my color scheme horizon, but I just haven’t jumped out there and committed yet!

pic2 (2)

This dress is really more of a “Springy” yellow, but with the long sleeves, it can easily be worn into the Fall. I love it because it is bright and happy! And… as you all know by now… it doesn’t touch me anywhere, and I LOVE that part!

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

Some of the gorgeous colors and smart styles available right now at Sofia Collections.

dress1 (2)dress2 (2)dress3 (2)

Lexie Military Ruffle Dress, Sofia Collections, $138.

Karla White Bohemian Dress, Sofia Collections, $99.

Chloe Red Dress, Sofia Collections, $138.


*Photos of Robin by Darrin Presley

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