Marcie: So You Want To Be In Pictures

By Marcie Everhart and Darrin Presley and the whole gang

If you want the Quickie Version: Here is an unusual color combination, with the baby blue making the red friendlier and the vampy red making the blue edgier and more interesting. We made a little “art movie” video using the photos shot inside an “art movie.” The music is called “Funky Strut”! We are always a work in progress here!

I don’t think I could be a fashion blogger if it was just about clothes. For me, it only starts with the clothes, then becomes a creative, fun, incredibly satisfying collaboration of people and everyone’s ideas, experiences and input.

This began with an ad in a magazine that caught my eye … bright red and baby blue together?! Well, I have red pants and a few baby blue shirts already … Let’s give this a try.

mag (2)
This ad made me think of us: Suki brought the Prosecco, Robin is cuddling with her doggie, Tammy always has a handbag to complete her outfit, haha.

I came out of the bathroom at the cool Artsy Hotel in my outfit, with a handful of accessories, and headed to where my girl posse sat sipping wine, chatting and swiping photos on their phones. (This is how our group photo shoots go. Super chill when it’s not your turn, lol.) Kathy noticed me approaching first.

Kathy: I LOVE THOSE PANTS! Those pants are sharp!

Me: How do I accessorize this, though?

Robin: Lose the silver necklace, double strand the red beads.

Kathy: Keep the pocket watch, though.

Everyone All Together: But clip it to a belt loop!!

Tammy: This is very, very cool, Marce.

Once the girls have styled and polished, Darrin spies a neon sign of the word Fame in a 1970s-ish font, casting a dramatic light on the floor. “Stand here,” he quietly says.

pic2 (2)

“Dad, wait for the light to hit the shoes,” says Andi, Darrin’s teen daughter who is very much a part of our Group Art, with great ideas.

pic11 (2)
The neon sizzles.

pic3 (2)

pic5 (2)

And then we realize right next to this artwork is a huge empty performance space …


… made for dancing.


While walking back to the group, we see a tiny theater with artsy images being projected into the dark against a wall. More light and space to play in. I want to be IN the pictures!

pic13 (2)
I’m Fashion Blogger Model No. TV-1413.

pic14 (2)

Money AND Fame … both happen to me in one day, really within fifteen minutes.

pic15 (2)


pic18 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

I love this hotel (21C in downtown Oklahoma City), which is more like an art gallery with rooms upstairs. And I particularly love this piece of art in one of its hallways. A young girl is etched into a mirror, along with all the words that represent her thoughts she may be thinking as she looks at herself in the mirror, words that have become external pressures. Just think of all those negative, subversive words that may come into play as she looks at her image and wonders who she is. The only clues she has to that answer are the ones others have spoken to her. Standing in front of this piece of art about a girl’s self-esteem are Darrin and Andi, a dad showing his daughter the beautiful photos he’s taken of her, a push-back against society and all the ways it seeks to break a girl.

Darrin and Andi become the inadvertent performance art in front of this amazing artwork. We are all reflecting each other, back to each other, all the time.

picd (2)

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

shirt2 (2)pants (2)shoe (2)

Riley Tailored-Fit Super-Stretch Shirt, Light Blue, Banana Republic, $68.

Worthington Trousers, Rumba Red, JC Penney, $27.

Silver Mirror Mary Jane Pumps, FSJ, $70.


*Photos of Marcie by Darrin Presley

**Photos of Darrin by Marcie Everhart :^)




  1. Marcie I really like the red/blue look, you are on the edge. Also like the details you used in the story.
    Fun Blog. Always interesting in every way. Great photos.

    Liked by 1 person

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