Marcie: Sunflower Dreams

By Marcie Everhart

pic1A (2)

I bought this sunflower dress at the end of summer …because it suggested fall in Oklahoma to me — occasional blistering hot, sizzling bursts of red and yellow splotches on the TV temperature weather map, set against a fading green background. This print (and garment) doesn’t know if it’s summer or fall …or both.

pic3 (2)

I’m going to wear this shortie, floral, float dress into the fall with scruffy denim jeans, dark maroon corduroy pants, a mustard yellow skinny jean, maybe some camo cargo pants. Then further into the winter as a layer under a sweater, like stubborn weed-flowers peeking out from a blanket of snow.

pic2 (2)

The brand is Entro, one of those brands sold mostly through local boutiques. I purchased mine at Pink Attitude in west Moore, Oklahoma, which is owned by a sweet lady named Trina Roberts. I encourage you to find a friendly neighborhood boutique that fits your personality, because these places involve real women with real dreams of actually making a living in fashion, right there in your own hometown. They need and deserve whatever support you can give. These women work hard to create inspiring, fun, customer-driven places for you to explore, and the prices are not different than what you already pay at chain stores. The best thing of all is how effortlessly they find unique pieces that reflect the area, your home, its place and time.

pic4 (2)

pic5 (2)

pic6 (2)

These shots remind me of an old family photo of my great-great-grandmother. She’s wearing her wire-rimmed glasses and holding a bunch of prairie flowers. She’s not smiling — life was grim on the prairie! Lol. But I think we have the same mouth, chin, nose, well, face. And she was blonde and fair.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Ya’ll, there were so many BEES all in these flowers. Buzzing all around me. Ha.

The flower on this dress also reminds me of our state wildflower in Oklahoma — Indian Blanket, “a distinctive, colorful grassland wildflower that tolerates Oklahoma’s hot, dry weather … also called firewheel.”

Photo by Carol Von Canon.

Sometimes I wish we were more of a pink-tea-roses kind of place, but I love living in this wild, extreme, tough place called Oklahoma.

A Little Background Music

What’s in the water here that produces so many excellent musicians? The newest Hot Thing is Parker Millsap, an incredibly talented young guy from Purcell, Oklahoma, with a gravelly voice and electric presence. He’s touring nonstop right now, but back in Oklahoma City for a FREE concert Saturday night at the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Things being said: “Last night in Atlanta I saw one of the best concerts I have ever seen…It restored my faith in music.” — Sir Elton John and “I wasn’t prepared for the wild, vast power of his voice and his remarkable charisma. This guy can yodel, he can sing a soul song for real, he can preach and he wiggles his leg like Elvis. A star in the making.”Ann Powers, NPR. His 2016 album was nominated for Album of the Year by the Americana Music Association.

This little vid was made at a local blues bar four years ago, when he was barely old enough to be in there, ya’ll. “Oklahoma’s hotter than hell, but it’s better than Teeeexas!” You got that right!

Shopping Links

Americana is a strong mood this fall, a reinvigorated appreciation for one’s roots and the places we call home. Since I live on the southern plains, these float dresses stir memories in me of grandma’s quilts, summer camp crafts projects I did badly, lol, fuzzy pom stickers from the 70s, and definitely a prairie skirt I had in junior high. It looks unbelievably chic and fresh to the eye now.

anthro (2)zara (2)zara2 (2)

Patchwork Eyelet Tunic Dress, Anthropologie, $228.

Floral Print Dress, Zara, $99.

Plaid Dress with Pompoms, Zara, $70.

boot2 (2)hatcuff (2)

Front Lace Knee High Boot, Brown, Dusty Brown, or Black, Minnetonka Moccasin, $94.  I’ve had my pair for at least ten years. Timeless, comfortable perfection.

Brimmed Hat, Boy Scouts of America, $35. Probably the best “outdoorsy” hat made … 100 percent wool felt, waterproof, crushable. Wad it in a ball, it returns to shape. I’ve had mine for years. I prefer it plain, with no pins.

Vintage Native American Copper Cuff with Stamping and Bead Detail, Aunt B’s Cottage, Etsy, $22. This one is exactly like mine.

But if fields of dreamy sunflowers is what stirs your heart, here’s a few options for those as well.

dress4 (2)tunic (2)dress3 (2)

Millie Dress, Bohemian Jean Boutique, $28.

Show Me Your MuMu Mia Tunic, Sunflower Dreams, Amazon, $150.

Sunflower Dress, Navy, Blue Chic Boutique, $34.


*Photos of Marcie by Darrin Presley


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