Tammy: Vogue-ing

By Tammy Seibert

Marcie: Sissy! Guess what came in the mail today!

Tammy: Wait, I’m telepathic. Is it the Fall “Vogue”?

Marcie: Yes!!! (I’m 14 again and using extra exclamation points.) So thick, like a BOOK!

Tammy: I have goosebumps.

Marcie: I’m not even gonna unwrap it til we’re together.

Tammy: I can’t wait!

Marcie: Okay.  I’m headed to your house now.  I’m bringing a dress and t-shirt I bought in a vintage store, the only Fall things I’ve gotten so far. And my camera. And the “Vogue.” Then we can vogue for the camera.

As Marcie and I looked through the September issue of Vogue, I was inspired by the long suede jacket and the zebra print in these ads.

Animal print is one of the biggest trends for Fall 2018. My zebra print wrap skirt is actually Ralph Lauren from a few years back. My suede jacket my mom bought me for a birthday present from Newport News catalog in my early forties. I don’t even think Newport News are in business anymore.

animal1 (2)

Somehow in the midst of our excitement, we slowed down to take these shots by the lamp and the leather chair. Marcie was chasing a mood and the light. My husband loves this shot. He said he would like this in a photo by the bed he loves it so much.❤️

pic3 (2)

pic1 (2)

Marcie: We captured perfectly two moods on our photos. Yours the sexy, moody, noir, mysterious, and mine is the vintage house-party where the grown-ups all sit around drinking Tom Collins and playing cards. The grown-up party back in the 60s, lol. Go to bed, kids.

Tammy: It reminds me of Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood…one of my favorite books of all times. The book is so much better than the movie. And that is what is so special about this blog and this friendship with Marcie that has lasted through the years.  Sorority sisters and fashion geeks who get excited about fall fashion and Vogue magazine. You are never too old to play dress up…never. I use to see it all the time in the tearoom. Ladies would start giggling and trying on hats. It was amazing the way they would transform into girls again before my very eyes.

Another Look Outside

pica (2)

picb (2)

picc (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes/ Tammy’s Book Recommendation


Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

The incomparable #1 New York Times bestseller – a book that reigned at the top of the list for a remarkable 68 weeks – Rebecca Wells’s Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood is a classic of Southern women’s fiction to be read and reread over and over again. A poignant, funny, outrageous, and wise novel about a lifetime friendship between four Southern women, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood brilliantly explores the bonds of female friendship, the often rocky relationship between mothers and daughters, and the healing power of humor and love, in a story as fresh and uplifting as when it was first published a decade and half ago. If you haven’t yet met the Ya-Yas, what are you waiting for? — Amazon

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

coat (2)coat2 (2)coat3

Avec Les Filles Genuine Suede Trench Coat, Urban Outfitters, $399.

Avec Les Filles Genuine Suede Trench Coat, Nordstrom, $330.

Bamboo Suede Trench Coat, Limited Sizing, Coach, $1500.

skirtskirt2 (2)skirt3 (2)

Zebra Print Skirt, Mango, $80.

Topshop Zebra Print Pleated Midi Wrap Skirt, Nordstrom, $75.

Ganni Blakely Zebra Print Satin Wrap Skirt, Net-A-Porter, $520.


*Photos of Tammy by Marcie Everhart (inside) and Tammy Seibert (outside)


  1. Tammy you always amaze me with your creative mind. Love this post and do remember VOGUE and lots of other magazines. YOUR STYLE!!!


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