We’re Taking a Break!

By Marcie Everhart

Actor Robert Shaw and Bruce the mechanical robot shark take a break during filming of Jaws.

I thought this photo might be funny considering all the swimwear, exotic vacations, and pirate-fashion coverage we’ve done this summer. ;^) Only us over-fifty folks will recognize this from the 1975 summer blockbuster movie, Jaws, still the main reason many of us will not go near the ocean! Well, swimsuits being the other one.

The gals and I have created 191 over-fifty fashion posts in the last 16 months — can you believe it?! And we’ve scheduled a quick 2-week breather for ourselves for these last two weeks of August. We’ll be returning Sept. 5 with an armload of beautiful looks in each of our trademark styles (bohemian, classic, edgy, eclectic, and colorful-trendy) for the new Fall 2018 fashion season.

As always, thank you for your ongoing love and support. It means the world to us! We’ll see you when we get back, loves. Stay away from the shoreline.

Marcie, Tammy, Suki, Kathy, and Robin

A Little Background Music

You know we don’t do anything around here without background music, ha.

One Shopping Link Because It’s Awesome


Quint’s Shark Fishing Shirt, 80s Tees, most sizes $39.



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