Suki: The Life Lived in a Swimsuit

By Suki Bickett

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve already established how much Suki loves going on vacation since she became an empty-nester! She is not going to sit around at home, looking at the four walls every weekend! And the rest of us love looking at her Facebook photos of her living life to the fullest, frolicking with flamingos, paddle boarding at sunset in a tropical paradise, chilling in a hammock — all in a swimsuit. So many of us fear and hate that dreaded garment! But Suki shows us that the best of life is to be experienced in a bathing suit. Is she fretting about imagined imperfections? She’s too busy living in the adventure of the moment.

20180503_104430 (4)

I loved spending the day at Flamingo Beach in Aruba, swimming in the vibrant turquoise water. The six flamingos that inhabit the island are very friendly and seem to really enjoy having their pictures taken.

p10 (2)
Aruba!! Flamingo Island … happy island.

I thought the pink one-piece bathing suit matched well with the pink feathers from the flamingos.

20180503_120727 (3)

After visiting with the Aruba wildlife, it was time to  unwind in the net over the water.

20180503_132419 (3)

Then go for a swim out to the rocks and let the ocean water wash all of my cares away.

20180503_121059 (4)


The flags that are flown at the beach in St. Lucia reminded me of the many different cultures and people that make up the island.


I tried to pick out a bathing suit that contained the many colors of the various Caribbean flags.



Paddle boarding in the ocean near sunset in Antigua is very relaxing. The water is so clear that you can actually look down and see fish swimming beneath you. I’m just praying that I would not lose my balance and fall and lose my favorite turquoise hat!

received_2194642747236799 (002)

Since I had toured a rum factory earlier in the day, I decided to change things up a little and go with the pirate look while sailing off the coast of the Dominican Republic.


In Jamaica, I like the brown bathing suit during the day accented with a shell necklace and a straw hat.


It is always relaxing to chill on the cabana beds after a day in the sun.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

EDITOR’S NOTE: Suki wore this black one-piece with a bright pink ruffle trim to our Pool Party for the fashion blog, but wrapped it with her tropical-paradise memories.

pic1 (2)

pic5 (2)

pic2 (2)

pic3 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes Take Two

The closest the rest of us come to flamingos this summer. Haha! It’s a theme!

Kathy So Glamorous in Vegas!
DSC_1355 (3)
Marcie So Eclectic scowling at sequin flamingos in a dressing room inside the local Dillard’s.

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

s1 (2)s2 (2)s3 (2)s4 (2)

Alex Marie Tea Time Paisley High Neck Tankini Top, Dillard’s, $47. (Matching bottom sold at the bottom of the linked page.)

Alex Marie Blue Bouquet Underwire One-Piece Swimsuit, Dillard’s, $61.

Antonio Melani Archive Lilac Floral Print One-Piece Swimsuit, Dillard’s, $92.

Antonio Melani Pacific Island Halter Tankini Top, Dillard’s, $47. (Matching bottom sold at the bottom of the linked page.)


*Photos of Suki at the Pool Party by Darrin Presley


  1. Suki you are so beautiful in all of your swim suits. Loved all the pics of you in the different situations you had on another of your wonderful vacations.


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