Marcie: Testing the Waters

By Marcie Everhart

pic1 (2)

The idea of a crushed velvet swimsuit appealed to my sense of quirky eccentricity! What a unique choice of a fabric not usually seen in swimsuits. But would it hold water and become heavy, weighed down, if you actually swam in it?

pic2 (2)

This year, at age 54, I finally figured out why a one-piece bathing suit has never worked for me. I’m super short, so assumed I was petite sizing, for all those years! And I may have short, Tyrannosaurus Rex arms and legs but that’s not the important consideration for fit! I have a really long torso, and a regular one-piece is just no bueno. So uncomfortable with the extra vertical tension — smashing downward and flattening the boobs (who needs that additional “help”!?) and pulling upward at the other end, resulting in butt cheeks hanging out. God, NO.

This sweet velvet is softer, more forgiving, a little less crazy with the scientific forces, haha. BUT it is cut low under the arm, and I’m not a fan of the side boob-age. It’s gorgeous with a sparkly brocade Tang jacket covering it, though.

pic3 (2)

The fabric is amazing. So soft and touchable. And I’m happy to report it does NOT hold extra water after a dip in the pool.

pic5 (2)

This is the girl-iest thing I’ve bought in years. This could be one of those “swimsuits worn as regular clothes” on a girl with a carefree Bohemian style. Can you see it with flowing palazzo pants and a dressy jacket? I’d love to play with it even more, trying all sorts of ideas … over a blouse with long statement sleeves? … with a black leather moto jacket? …

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

One of my other gigs is reviewing books for my metro newspaper. I guess you could say “I (heart) books!” Even more so when read through rose-tinted, heart-shaped glasses. Lol.

pic4 (2)

My review of this wonderful book, written by a young, female, first-time author, can be read here. “A Lady’s Guide to Selling Out” is a call to arms for women to find what truly matters in today’s world.

You may have noticed the “Sizzler” label on the book? Ha! My local library does this awesome thing called the “Sizzler Rack,” where they place all the brand new, just-released books by the front door. I love that little, hometown library so much.

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

suitjacket (2)

GB Crushed Hearts Crushed Velvet Scoop Neck One-Piece Swimsuit, Dillard’s, $42.┬áThis really is the exact same swimsuit. :^)

Traditional Chinese Tang Jacket, White, 9FUDA, $80.


*Photos of Marcie by Darrin Presley



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