Robin: A Steel Magnolia

By Robin Stone

pic1 (2)

When people ask me what my hobbies are, my first response is always “working in my yard.” It is something that, strangely enough, brings me peace and makes me happy!

pic4 (2)

Maybe it is the whole “Instant Gratification” feeling (having a project, working hard on it, seeing results immediately).

pic6 (2)

Maybe it is because I am a Taurus, which is an Earth sign, and I am one of those people who truly believe that there is something to the sign we were born under having influences over the people we are (deep down).

pic5 (2)

Either way, I love a Saturday evening, having a glass of wine, looking at my pretty flowers and shrubs that I was sweating profusely over just hours before!

pic3 (2)

When I first saw “Steel Magnolias” and the scene where Shirley MacLaine comes inside in her Overalls and Straw Hat with fresh tomatoes she had grown because that is  “Just what old Southern Women are supposed to do,” I LOVED it!! What better attire for digging around in the dirt? I went straight to Goodwill and bought myself a pair of old overalls.

pic2 (2)

I really wanted to find the ones that are blue and white striped, because I can remember my Dad wearing those when he was working outside, but those are harder to find these days (used anyway). My overalls are perfect. Baggy, too short, dirt stains that won’t wash out, and I LOVE them!! Why mess up perfectly good shorts and t-shirts, when you can wear overalls that are meant to be dirt-stained and durable!?

pic7 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

overalls1overalls2 (2)

Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Bib Overalls, Dickies, $40.

Carhartt Brewster Striped Bib Overalls, Dungarees, $70.


hat1 (3)hat2gloves

Unisex El Campo Gardening Hat, Gardener’s Supply, $40.

High Crown Straw Panama Hat, Urban Outfitters, $20.

Women’s Orangery Nitrile Gloves, Set of 3, Gardener’s Supply, $19.


*Darling photos of Robin and Georgette by Darrin Presley

1 Comment

  1. Robin you could have been in Steel Magnolias, which is my all time favorite movie. You really look so great in the overalls and straw hat. Love the pics of your dog.


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