Marcie: I’m Giving In To The Sunny Clothes

By Marcie Everhart

Well, this is a little out of my wheelhouse…

pic1 (2)

…but I couldn’t love it more.

pic4 (2)

I wore denim mini skirts and smocked elastic tops as a teenager in the late 70s! … so is this too “young” for me now? It sure makes me feel young and carefree, though. It’s FUN clothes. The frayed edge of the hat echoes the frayed hem of the skirt.

pic3 (2)

Oh, for gosh sake, the top even has a sweet BOW in the back.

pic5 (2)

Birkenstock sandals and their distinctive laid-back style are everywhere right now. So pampering to the foot.

pic6 (2)

And orange?? A much maligned color, deemed very unsophisticated at different times in our past. Now it feels bright and happy, even a little hip? This top is really orange but takes on a weathered red personality due to the gingham pattern.

pic2 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

As an over-fifty lady, I am finally beginning to understand my body shape! I thought I was “petite” sizing for so MANY years, based simply on my short height. Now I see that I have a very long torso and short legs and arms, and I look for details in clothing that will accommodate that combo. Elastic in the hem of a too-long sleeve allows one to just push it up on the arm a little. I buy regular sizes now and focus on ways I can easily shorten legs and arms without going through the hassle of alterations.

A Little Background Music

It’s 1978 all over again! It’s summer, we’re dragging the strip, seeing and being seen, haha. Crank that car radio.

Shopping Links


Soprano Off-The-Shoulder Gingham Top, Tango, Dillard’s, $27.

skirt (2)skirt2 (2)

SP BLACK Fray Hem Denim Mini, Nordstrom Rack, $27.

Good American The Stagger Cutoff Denim Miniskirt, Nordstrom, $129.


Betsey Johnson Rainbow Fringe Floppy Hat, Macy’s, $16.

Betsey Johnson Fringe Factor Fedora, Macy’s, $12.


*Photos of Marcie by Darrin Presley

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  1. Marcie I really like the red/white check blouse, so cooling in the summer. Nice pics of you keep doing this if it makes you feel young and happy during warm summer days.

    Liked by 1 person

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