Kathy: Making a Splashhhh

By Kathy Wallace

pic1 (2)

Yes, Forever51 can still attend pool parties in style.

pic4 (2)

A selected one-piece with netting, black mesh cover-up pants and jewelry to accent the ensemble.

pic3 (2)

….. and feeling comfortable while properly dressed for the pool and socializing.

pic2 (2)

… and a fun kimono to feel protected from the sun that reappears from earlier years of exposure.

pic5 (2)

Add a big hat with a scarf as an accent.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


Love these lifelong friends! We met while our husbands worked for a division of American Airlines and we shared Season Tickets to OU Football games for five years! We’ve shared a lot of love and laughter through the years!

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

suit1 (2)suit2 (2)swimpants (2)

Black Mesh High Neck Swimsuit, Swimsuits For All, $47.

Mesh Tank One-Piece, Venus, $33.

Becca by Rebecca Virtue Poetic Pants, Everything But Water, $68.

pineapple1 (2)pineapple2 (2)

Chiffon Pineapple Kimono, The Teal Hanger Boutique, $30.

Do Everything In Love Pineapple Kimono, Pink, Glik’s, $24.


*Photos of Kathy by Darrin Presley

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