Marcie: For God and Country

By Marcie Everhart

This post is about using different things to cover your swimsuit. We’ve been talking about swimsuits a LOT here lately at Forever 51. Being 50-plus and baring it all in a bathing suit is BOLD and BRAVE and FIERCE. Yeah! Except (insert a hundred caveats here) — I can’t look fat and flabby or ghostly pale or rash-y and I’ll have to cover up the chigger bites on my belly and my bony foot that got crushed in a car wreck, etc., etc., etc.

Did I digress? Oh, yes. I started down the Personal Fault List we all carry around in our heads.

So I went to Tammy’s for our Pool Party photo shoot and brought my favorite swimsuit (a stars & stripes bikini bought a few years ago at Target) and TWO bags of optional stuff to cover it up with. I just turned it over to the girls and let them make all the decisions. A maxi skirt, camo cargo pants (you know, a la Gwen Stefani in the 90s), jean cut-offs, numerous scarves, hats, tops, shoes, sunglasses. Fix me, fashion sisters!

pic1 (2)

Here’s the striped maxi skirt from the Charlotte Russe sales rack, an old star print shirt, and white Converse sneakers. And one of Robin’s many hats, glasses and necklaces. We all brought a TON of stuff, like we were running away with the circus. You shoulda seen us dressing each other. Robin is an amazing stylist.

pic2 (2)

No one liked the camo cargo pants with the American flag bikini! We tried to find one of Tammy’s sons’ old BB gun in a shed, but somebody talked us out of it. So I settled for lolling around on the diving board.

pic3 (2)
Photo by Miss Andi Presley, soon to be 16 and budding photographer. Let’s just say I couldn’t find the turtleneck-swimsuit so I went with the string bikini.

This is where we turned the camera over to Andi, who is our Official Mascot and will turn 16 in two weeks. At 15, she is the flip side of Forever 51. I’m demonstrating the strategically draped SCARF but immediately get distracted by the perfect thing to cover up my swimsuit —

pic5 (2)
Photo by Andi

— An inner tube floatie! A matching spare tire! Per-fick! Coverage just where I want it MOST.

pic4 (2)
Photo by Andi

And that’s a wrap! (snort!)

pic6 (2)

I’m ready for the fireworks. Thank you, Robin So Rockin’, for curating/editing the many options and styling this awesome result. Sometimes it is a matter of what to take off.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

I wish every woman on the planet had this experience: sisterly sisters who bring out the best in you. Not talking ’bout clothes!

picRR (2)

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

bikini1 (2)bikini2 (2)bikini3 (2)

Xhilaration Blue Push-Up American Flag Bikini Top, Target, $18 (Bottoms $15).

Xhilaration Blue Triangle American Flag Bikini Top, Target, $15 (Bottoms, $15).

Xhilaration Blue Tie Front Bralette American Flag Bikini Top, Target, $15 (Bottoms, $15).

skirt (2)starshirt (2)scarf (2)

Striped Wrap Maxi Skirt, Charlotte Russe, $10.

Elogy Star Print Denim Shirt, My Cookie Land, $43.

Vintage American Flag Scarf, Amazon, $7.


*Most Photos of Marcie by Darrin Presley


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