Marcie: The Night Owl

By Marcie Everhart

IMG_4319 (002)

Marcie So Eclectic is a Night Owl, her creative mind taking flight in the dark, wee hours.


Roosting up high.

We thought it’d be cool to ask Darrin Presley to shoot a series of photos of her in the hallways of the mind that people travel at night …


picA4 (2)

picB1 (2)

picB2 (2)

picB3 (2)

… in the streets where thoughts wonder …


picC2 (2)

picC3 (2)

… and with the elevators, arrows, and lights that show us the way in the dark.


IMG_4299 (2)
Follow the pants.


piclast (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

IMG_4320 (3)
We find what we’re looking for.

We basically ask Darrin to shoot photos that are Beatles-Psychedelic Era but more cow bell. And he knows exactly what we mean, lol. We’re so lucky he helps us girls to re-create our visions.

These are the same JC Penney, gold foil, $2 leggings by Bisou-Bisou already seen in two posts here and here. Yep, three blog posts on the same pants, a recurring dream. They’re amazing.

A Little Background Music

By that make-believe band in Edwardian garb, doing their psychedelic drift.

Shopping Links

shirt1 (2)shirt2 (2)shirt3 (2)

Lace Up Tiered Sleeve Top, White, Boston Proper, $59.

Poet Blouse, Marshmallow, Soft Surroundings, $80.

Lumie Romantic Embroidered Lace Bell-Sleeve Blouse, Cream, Neiman Marcus Last Call, $70.

f21pants (2)pants1 (2)rack (2)

Baroque Glitter Flared Pants, Forever 21, $19.

Gold Shiny Flower Jeans, Trending Apparel, $30.

Alice + Olivia Drew Metallic Crop Pant, Limited Sizing, Nordstrom Rack, $150.

necklace2 (2)necklace1necklace3 (2)

Jackie Kennedy Triple-Strand Faux Pearl Necklace, Smithsonian Store, $165. A beautiful reproduction of a legendary pearl necklace.

Cristabelle Crystal & Imitation Pearl Multistrand Necklace, Nordstrom, $68.

Luxiro Two-Tone Gold Finish Faux Pearl Flower 3-Row Necklace, Overstock, $36.


*Photos of Marcie by Darrin Presley

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