Robin: Kicking Off Summer With a Bang!

By Robin Stone

with commentary by both Robin and Editor Marcie, haha


In honor of one of the greatest rock bands to emerge in the 70s (and Robin’s awesome band shirt!), we decided to see how many Aerosmith song titles we could cram into one fashion blog commentary, lol. Soooo, “Come Together,” you “Girls of Summer,” you “Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”! Crank it up!

pic2 (2)

“Walk This Way” with a raunchy swagger for an outfit that says you like “Livin’ On The Edge.” Let us consult our Never-Wear-This-Over-The-Age-Of-50 List — Rock band muscle tank? Check.

pic3 (2)

Trailer-park-trash distressed denim mini? Oh, yes, sister. Check. And make it heavy on the riffs.

pic4 (2)

Tall, scuffed, pointy-toe cowboy boots with a touch of old-school, vintage animal print on them? Ch-ch-ch-check. Grrrr. Who’s “Back In The Saddle”? We are! Lol.

pic6 (2)

Exposed bra strap? Duh! Is that really avoidable in summer? Just embrace it like the “Crazy” “Angel” you are. Feather jewelry that takes us all the way back to junior high where we got our first kiss behind the boys’ gymnasium? Mmmmm. “Sweet Emotion” indeed.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


Robin: My Uncle Russell Stone wouldn’t even look at a pair of boots for himself unless they were 1) Handmade custom to fit him AND 2) With toes so pointed you could “kill a cockroach in a corner.” When I found these boots, I had to have them! The good news is that they were not “handmade custom fit” or they would not be in my closet! But they had that pointed toe that reminds me of him every time I put them on!

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes Take Two

pic5 (2)

Ladies, when you decide to break all their so-called rules, just make sure you own it. That’s “What It Takes” to make it completely legendary.

A Little Background Music

Evoking “Sweet Emotion” in us! That Joe Perry looks sooo dirty. #marciesfirstcrush #marciesfirstconcert Is it getting hot in here?!

Shopping Links

shirt1 (2)shirt2 (2)shirt3 (2)shirt4 (2)

Aerosmith Logo Tapered T-Shirt,, $35.

Rock & Roll Cowgirl Sleeveless Lace Tank Top, Brown, Limited Sizing, Langston’s, $13.

Pour Some Sugar On Me Tee, Lucky Brand, $40.

Embroidered Peace Sign Tee, Lucky Brand, $50.


Lucchese Camel Tan Cheetah Print Boots, Cowboy Chief, $210.

Old Gringo Brown Leopardito Boots – Snip Toe, Sheplers, $280.

Erin Artisan Boots, Old Gringo, $449.

skirt1 (2)skirt2 (2)skirt3

5-Pocket Denim Pencil Skirt Distressed, Gap, $44.

Connie Hi-Low Skirt With Fray Hem, Kut From The Kloth, $74.

J.Crew Denim Skirt, Birch Wash, Nordstrom, $52.


*Photos of Robin by Darrin Presley


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