Kathy: Field of Dreams

By Kathy Wallace

pic1 (2)

Solitude, in a field of dreams and yellow flowers …

pic4 (2)

… looking into the sky dreaming …

pic2 (2)

… ready to “fly away” …

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Reality, as I patiently wait to be driven away in a car.

pic3 (2)

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

dress1 (2)dress2 (2)dress3 (2)

Alive With Artistry Black Floral Dress, Lulus, Limited Sizing, $64.

Joie Joada Floral Silk Ruffle Dress, Caviar, Nordstrom Rack, $120.

Band of Gypsies, Floral Shift Dress, Black Coral, Nordstrom Rack, $40.


*Photos of Kathy by Darrin Presley


  1. Those Yellow Canola Flowers just say HAPPY!! and so does your dress and gorgeous hat. Thank You Darrin Presley for your photography of these great ladies.

    Liked by 1 person

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