Tammy: Wild West Woman

By Tammy Seibert

with commentary by Editor Marcie Everhart

pic1 (2)

Women who settled the American Wild West had to be resourceful to cope with the elements surrounding them.

pic2 (2)

Conditions were harsh, testing their femininity and fortitude every day.

pic3 (2)

The Wild West created a climate in which a bold woman could bloom in scarlet and stake her own claim on the prairie.

pic6 (2)

Her way.

pic5 (2)

pic4 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

This is the series of posts on each of our outfits in our new group shot! We’re just a bunch of girls standing in the field! Ha! Two more to come!

A Little Background Music

This new country music girl-trio, Runaway June, includes John Wayne’s granddaughter! She’s the tall drink of water, slinging the long gun in the showdown in the street. Girl power!

Shopping Links

k1 (2)k2 (2)k3 (2)

Sylvia Alexander Hibiscus Kimono, Red, Target, $27.

Delilah Patchwork Maxi Kimono, Free People, $215.

Paradise Island Red Floral Wrap Dress, Lulu’s, $31.


*Photos of Tammy Seibert by Darrin Presley



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