Suki: Picnic Plans

By Suki Bickett

with commentary by Editor Marcie Everhart

pic1 (2)

Here on Forever 51, we always count on Suki to bring the color — the bright, happy, vibrant color. When the rest of us saw this pic, we all sighed and commented how we wished we were going on a picnic right now, lol.

pic6 (2)

pic2 (2)

And on our picnic, we’d be blowing rainbow-swirled bubbles.

pic4 (2)

Suki is able to do that — make you think of happy things just looking at her outfits.

pic5 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

pic3 (2)

One of the things I like best about us is that we take care of each other. It’s so beautiful in a way that’s not about clothes at all.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes Take Two

Suki has been enjoying the heck out of this dress, wearing it all over the place, out and about!


A Little Background Music

Love your brotherman. And sisterwoman.

Shopping Links

dress1 (2)dress2 (2)dress3 (2)dress4 (2)

American Rose Hannah Cold Shoulder Dress, Zappos, $75.

Grayson Threads Cold Shoulder Tie Dye Dress, Target, $40.

Jaded London Tie Dye Cold Shoulder Dress, Coeurs Metis, $38.

Tie Dye Cold Shoulder Top, Southern Roots Boutique, $29.

dress5.jpnecklace (2)earrings (2)

Umgee Cold Shoulder Criss Cross Tie Dye Dress, Mint/Lemon, Amazon, $45-51, depending on size.

True Blue 3-Strand Turquoise Necklace, Bradford Exchange, $149.

SUGARFIX by BaubleBar Beaded Tassel Earrings, 9 colors, Target, $13.


Caribbean Joe Sally Paperbraid Hat, Sun ‘N’ Sand Headwear, $24.

Dorset Fedora Sewn Paper Braid w/ Bamboo Trim, Sun ‘N’ Sand Headwear, Aqua, $16.

Raffia Hat w/ Beaded Trim Woodland, Sun ‘N’ Sand Headwear, $46.


*Photos of Suki by Darrin Presley






  1. FUN DAY in your lovely bright green dress Suki in the Canola Field. Such a bright yellow makes a great background. Just need to know what in the lunch basket?

    Liked by 1 person

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