Marcie: A Thousand Flowers in Bloom…

By Marcie Everhart

“I just want to be a woman
From this time, unchained…”

pic5 (2)

“We’re all looking at a different picture
Through this new frame of mind…”

pic2 (2)

“A thousand flowers could bloom
Move over, and give us some room…”

pic1 (2)

“So don’t you stop, being a man
Just take a little look from our side when you can…”

pic3a (2)

“Give me a reason to love you
Give me a reason to be, a woman…”

pic4 (2)

pic6 (2)

*Lyrics used from my new favorite song, “Glory Box” by Portishead

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

A completely different way to wear this shirt and pant.

pic7 (2)

newcrop (2)

Winky McBlinky, lol. I actually love this shot with one eye squinted. And I really love this shirt, my favorite right now. The line is called Romantic Path by Roxy, and the print of sketched cactus, palm trees, sombreros, little stucco buildings, and men in charro suits with romance on their mind makes me think of 1940s vacation postcards.

A Little Background Music

This song video just floated up at me on youtube, as if it was searching for me. It was made for this outfit, this mood, with its black-and-white color scheme, old movie clips to tie in with the antique video camera, the nod to nostalgic menswear, the lyrics about flowers in bloom and the old-fashioned idea of a woman keeping a glory box (also called a hope chest) where she stores household items she’s saving for her future married life. It represents a dream of happiness that can only be achieved by marriage, the prevalent thinking for our mothers, grandmothers, and the women before them. My glory box is undoubtedly … my camera.

Shopping Links

I purchased these incredible PANTS at Dillard’s, Junior Department, on a sales rack soooo now I can’t find them online anywhere. They’ll pop up as a Facebook ad on my feed next week, right. But they’re made by I.N. San Francisco, and we can find other styles with the wide legs, split sides, ruffle hems … just not in that particular killer old-school, menswear pinstripe.

pant1 (2)pants2 (2)pants3 (2)pants4 (2)

INC International Concepts Flared High-Low Pants, Macy’s, $60.

I.N. San Francisco Vertical-Stripe Pants, Dillard’s, $27.

Angie Striped Cuffed Culotte Pants, Dillard’s, $20.

GB Striped Leg Culotte Pants, Dillard’s, $54.

shirt (2)shirt2 (2)sus (2)

Roxy Romantic Path Long Sleeve Shirt, Marshmallow Sombrero, $31.

Dockers Suspenders, Black, JC Penney, $11.


*Photos of Marcie by Darrin Presley

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