Robin: The Easy Denim Shirt

By Robin Stone

pic1 (2)

There is just something I love about a good, worn out, pearl snap shirt!

pic3 (2)

I don’t care who you are, denim shirts are flattering!

pic2 (2)

Wearing this shirt with my comfy white jeans and being barefoot takes me back to my country childhood.

pic4 (2)

I think my Southern accent even starts coming through a bit thicker!

pic5 (2)

pic6 (2)

It feels easy, and takes me back to the good ol’ days … 9 miles east … on old Highway 7.

pic7 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Editor’s Note: We did shoot the denim shirt with a white dress pant, but the overall just wasn’t as good. But we had to use this one awesome close-up photo! Sharp-eyed readers gonna spot this, though! Ha! Robin’s jewelry is simply gorgeous, tasteful yet primitive.

pic3 (2)

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

shirt1 (2)shirt2 (2)shirt3 (2)

1969 Denim Western Shirt, GAP, $60.

Lucky Brand Chambray Snap Shirt, Langston’s, $47.

GUESS Slim-Fit Denim Shirt, Macy’s, Limited Sizing, $59.

necklace1 (2)necklace2 (2)necklace3 (2)

Arctic Orange Necklace, Sundance, $148.

Turquoise Coin Y Necklace, Lucky Brand, $27.

18K Gold Over Fine Silver Chakra Point Necklace, Turquoise, Target, $30.


*Photos of Robin by Marcie Everhart


  1. Every wardrobe needs a denim shirt, Robin you always look so chic. You look like you are having a great time with the blog. Marcie and her other photographer do such a great presentation on each blog.

    Liked by 2 people

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