Spotlight Guest Contributor: Fasten Your Seatbelts – Here Comes the Ageless Rebel!

By Marcie Everhart/ Editor

“Happiness against all odds.”

Tornadoes have been on my mind lately – it’s May in Moore, Oklahoma, right? – as well as the old, 1939 “Wizard of Oz” movie, and how Kansas was shown in sepia tone and Oz was depicted as a new, mind-blowing, Technicolor experience. Our guest today is a tornado herself … able to sweep you out of wherever drab, dull place you live, literally or metaphorically, into her shimmering, vivid, Oz-like adventures in Los Angeles, California. It can make your head spin.

“Pink is my big YAY. What color is your buddy?”

Angie Weihs is a writer foremost. And her message is love. She’s also a warrior, battling society’s preconceived notions about women and age, as her alter-ego, the Ageless Re-belle.

“I had so much fun at the LA book festival, meeting amazing people and making new friends. My theatrical soul is reawakened.

The tornado has set our little farmhouse down in a strange, new land, and we slowly open the door to reveal … a lovely vision of shaggy blonde hair, a bright red mouth, oversized glasses slightly askew, and her own exotic version of a faithful Toto sidekick. You gulp and ask if she is the Good Witch or the Wicked? She laughs and explains that she rejects these sorts of childish, outdated, unenlightened attitudes about women. She smiles and whispers “And you’ve had the power to do the same all along.”

“Let’s create an International Rebel Fashion Day. Creativity. Charisma. Confidence. In a world of sheep even just a colored sheep is rebellious. I took the proper white blouse and rebelled it up; wear it messy and with a rosary.”
“I’ve found the truth yesterday.”

Angie’s life is a whirl of book events, vegan celebrations, impromptu fashion shoots, political rallies, swanky shindigs (the kind where you run into Al Pacino in the elevator), and of course, marathon writing sessions and irresistible social media-ing. She recently wrote a piece for the first issue of a newly launched magazine (Goldie, targeting the over-40 demographic) that chronicled a day in her life. Below I’ve lifted snippets of the article and entwined them with random pics from her social media, to hopefully tell the story of this fascinating story-teller. Do you have your ruby slippers on, my dear? Let’s try to catch up!

“I wrote a story for Goldie Magazine about a rebeliscious day in my life. The mail man just slammed the neatly wrapped parcel in front of my door. Working on the next story for issue No 2.”

6 AM: I am driving uphill in a beaten-up jalopy. I’m lost. My handbag is gone, my phone dead and I’m followed by bad guys … if I measure my spiritual development by my recurring dreams of three decades, I haven’t learnt much. — I sit up in my bed. “Never give up, never surrender.” Wait, that’s not one of my morning mantras, that’s from the movie Galaxy Quest. “You’re your own guru,” whispers the little voice she called soul, “make up your own mantras.

Or wear your own mantras. Follow the Yellow Brick Road, Follow Your Bliss, it’s all good. I want these pants badly. They were created by a woodcut artist in Hawaii, Dieter Runge. He teaches elementary school, yoga, and Ayurvedic cooking and is collaborating with Angie on an exciting new line of clothing in the works! You can FOLLOW him here. — Marcie

9 AM: Off on a brisk dog walk, I look at people and consciously avoid negative judgment. “I see you, I love you.” I can’t help it, though, that the elderly fellow walkers squeeze my heart and make me shiver … — Wrinkles? So what? That my best and same-age friend gets her second facelift and looks ten years younger than me. Whatever.

“Yeah, I’m a modern witch. My potions are pills, my spells are mantras, and like many of the ancient witches, I dream of eternal life and beauty.”

10 AM:If you wanna be young, you have to do young things” – my quote, my demand. So I make it to the kickboxing class. None of the students seems to care that I could be their mother or that I manage only half the course.

“When you miss your son PHD’ing far from LA in Seattle, you put on a shirt he left and his beanie. It could be also that you need an excuse to procrastinate your writing…”

1 PM: The studio’s parking lot presents itself as perfect for a shoot in my short, red Topshop dress with wild stockings and red boots. I get dressed in my car (an acrobatic act hiding skin where I can), pull out my tripod and shoot my fierce fashion pics with hundreds of windows looking down at me. I don’t even have to look at my tattooed wrist; my outfit is my fearless mantra.

“What do you do,” the business coach asked. “I write magical books and planners that incite freedom,” I said, “and I offer one-on-one and group coaching, empowering women to be the art they truly are.” …

1 PM: My body became a canvas for my soul. She rebels against those “helpful tips for women over 50,” repeatedly ruling that mini skirts, dark lipstick or even jeans are “out for the old.”

“I love the Facebook inspiration. Today I saw a slide (created) by women after 50, which made me respond with designing my own Forever 51 store. I rebel because even funny ironic statements coming from the old paradigm cement the status quo.”
“The original menopause-driven slide.”

2 PM: A bowl of oatmeal and banana later, I post my flirt with frugal food and procrastinate writing chapter 22 of my book by being social on Instagram and Facebook.

“I am pondering over a cool story for Goldie No. 2. Anything you want to know about my Ageless Rebelle life? What about “sex and love at midlife”? I just met a guy whose typical old paradigm approach was really disappointing, so I’m happy to vent about that and draw some pretty darn amazing conclusions.”

3 PM: It’s not easy to stand up for my playful inner child or the ageless magic I love so much. I was told I’m desperately trying to look like 20, that only teenagers are allowed to rebel and that magic is for Harry Potter fans. — What makes me a rebel queen is finding the courage to stand up for myself every day and to actively live against the doubts, fears and outmoded beliefs I couldn’t silence yet. “Fake it to make it” is my trusted sidekick.

“Ready to go in to my next adventure.”
“What counts in the end, after all the personas I’ve played and adventures they got me into, is to surrender to the truth, to be open, loving, and REAL. For me that also means to own my femme fantastique, the weird and wondrous magic my life has to offer.”

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Editor’s Note: I love how this fellow word-smith incorporates so many words into her fashion — literally a literal fashion “statement.”



A Little Background Music

Editor’s Note: St. Vincent is real, bold, and fierce, like Angie. There’s a comment on this video that really gave me pause — “She’s just so great and getting better with each album. Can you imagine her 10 years from now?! Scary.”

Shopping Links


Angie’s first book, Ageless Rebel: The Empowering Planner and Playful Journal to Create Your Beautifully, Fearless, Ageless Mindset and Lifestyle is described as “a fun and inspiring combination of activity book, diary and planner for grown-ups (women of a certain age, whom Angie Weihs has coined as ‘ageless rebelles’).” Her second is Soul Sister: The Empowering Sidekick on Your Journey to Your True Self and Your Tribe of Soul Sisters. One reader commented how this planner has helped her to frame her days with a plan before they can frame her. Amen to that.

Also, Angie’s newest book “REBELLE” will be coming soon in September 2018, available for purchase through Amazon. “It’s the Rebel stories of my life and how my resistance and warrioress attitude gained me the treasures of success, but also pushed me into the dungeons of despair, and how the script of my life’s adventures got me to the truth and magic of my self,” she says in her message. You can request updates on the book through this link.

And how could I forget!? She has cool “Ageless Rebel” shirts, mugs, and phone cases available through her shop on her website.

“Truck time. Dreamtime.”


*Photos of Angie blatantly stolen right off her Facebook and Instagram, and you can see even more of her exciting images and stories on her website.




  1. Love how you portrayed me. It’s sooo beautiful when people “get us”, isn’t it? You added the magic I am about to step into at the end of my book. Thank you so much for this article, it is truly empowering.


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