Tammy: Dem Red Boots

By Tammy Seibert

pic7 (2)

Biggest Fashion Trend for 2018 that goes with everything and one that I adore is the RED BOOT! The trend that started in Fall 2017 with designers showcasing red boots – heeled and thigh high, or ankle style with kitten heels, block heels or stilettos – is stretching out into Spring 2018.

Red boots are to 2018 what Miranda Lambert is to country music: hot, beautiful and makes everything look better.

pic3 (2)

They are both a classic and statement. Red will always be a fantastic choice in style, and boots come in so many designs for your choosing. I have opted for a suede bootie with silver zippers to add some bling to uplift my wardrobe for spring. I’ve also added a red purse for a little more zing.

pic4 (2)

So for 2018 spring trends – we’ll be witnessing a lot of red boots worn as a statement piece or blending them into a boho-fashion-kinda-look when paired with flirty summer dresses or flared pants. It just makes you want to sigh with the perfection of the red boot.

pic5 (2)

They not only look amazing but they add just amount of spice to any outfit.

pic10 (2)

Red boots go with everything. They look great with denim and all red outfits. They’re like the neutral black boot only cooler because they allow you to walk the fashion walk. You can only stand out when you wear red boots and they make me smile with delight.

pic12 (2)

The red boot will be the eclectic detail that will either pop out or bring everything together. Either way you can’t go wrong.

pic9 (2)

pic8 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

pic6 (2)

Junction Coffee House doesn’t just serve coffee. They also have a tea menu. Marcie had the Chai and I had the Earl Grey London Fog. Delicious. The owners Nick and Lori were married in 2011, shortly after they graduated from SNU and spent the first three years of their marriage as youth pastors in Oklahoma City. They both absolutely love people and think there’s little better in life than meeting with an old friend, or making a new one over a warm cuppa. Who doesn’t love having a cuppa on a double-decker bus in downtown Oklahoma City?

pic2 (2)

So if you are looking for a little something original and want to meet some cool people…you can follow them on IG @junctioncoffeeokc and they post their schedule every week where they will be located.

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pic1 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes Take 2: Book Recommendation

And if you are wanting to dream of escaping to other cool tea places … you can read about Manhattan’s Tea & Sympathy, a hole-in-the-wall outpost for British food and drink, authentic down to its steak and Guinness pie and bracing quantities of “cuppa.” The book has more than 60 recipes from the teashop, provided by its owner Nicola Perry, as well as a house chronicle, the work of ex-waitress Anita Naughton.


A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

boot3 (2)boot2 (2)boot1 (2)

Marc Fisher Lizzy Bootie, Red, DSW, $55.

Harlow Faux Leather O-Ring Ankle Boot, Red, Urban Outfitters, $59.

Ankle Boots, Red, H&M, $50.


*Photos of Tammy by Marcie Everhart


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