Suki: A Hot Summer Romance of a Dress

By Suki Bickett

with commentary by Editor Marcie Everhart


Peekaboo cut work eyelet embroidery, off the shoulder, bell sleeves, a sultry mocha color — so much summer romance packed into one dress!


Suki keeps everything neutral, accenting the mocha dress with a gold braided espadrille and chocolate brown belt, so that nothing detracts from the hot pink bib statement necklace.

pic4 (2)

We are reminded how magical coral and bright pink accents can be with khaki, brown and taupe as the canvas.


Eyelet dresses, in all silhouettes, are flying off the Internet shelves right now. The Victorian Era’s air conditioning built-in to garments is never not a good answer to rising temperatures.

pic5 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Editor’s Note: How it goes with me and Suki looking through photos after a shoot — she picks all the ones of her smiling and I pick all the ones where she’s not, lol. She says she’s always been told she looks mad if she’s not smiling in photos. Suki is a complex woman with a lot of amazing expressions and looks. I’m really glad she trusts me and lets me share some of the more intense, compelling, fierce, fascinating ones.

A Little Background Music

The brown-eyed (eyelet) dress! We’re having too much fun up in here!

Shopping Links

Nothing conveys summer more than embroidered eyelet.

dillards (2)jcrewcoral (2)dillards2 (2)

CeCe Ruffle Sleeve Eyelet Dress, Ultra White, Dillard’s, $149.

Eyelet Flutter Hem Dress, Bright Coral, J Crew, $70.

Vince Camuto Eyelet Stripe Off the Shoulder Dress, Ivory, Dillard’s, $148.

anthro (2)roolee (3)jcrew (2)

Amelia Eyelet Maxi Dress, Brown, Anthropologie, Limited Sizing, $386.

Falling For You Eyelet Dress, Blush, Roolee, $58.

Eyelet Bell Sleeve Dress, Bronzed Orange, J Crew, $100.


*Photos of Suki by Marcie Everhart


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