Marcie: This Blog Is Like a Crazy Girls Road Trip

By Marcie Everhart

Sometimes we’re pushing the car! …

pic1 (2)
Suki does have the legs for this. Bam!

Sometimes we’re going places! …

pic4 (2)
Yee haw!

Sometimes the technology is overwhelming! …

pic2 (2)
Maybe it just needs a little tea … or water or a good bang with a big tool.

Sometimes we have to re-group! …

pic3 (2)
You guys have no idea how funny Kathy is in person, lol. And why does Marcie even own a road map?

But we are doing this adventure together!

pic5 (2)

And amazing things happen.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Presenting… our new logo group shot on our 1-year anniversary.

How ’bout that smile on Robin!

Tammy, far right, found this eye-popping canola field, which is a rotation crop for wheat here in the bread basket of Muricah — perfect to represent us. Knowing the weather would be cold and rainy, Suki, second from right, brought the quilt made by her husband’s grandmother for their wedding present many years ago. Kathy, far left, had a 100-plus degree temperature and came anyway. Robin, middle, secretly sipped an adult libation all day so she would “smile better,” ha, and none of us even knew … til much later. And I, second from left, stressed for no reason at all.

These women make it easy, they make it fun, they make it wonderful. It’s not the destination, right? It’s the journey. Forever my heart, these Forever 51 girls. #heartland

A Little Background Music

We love you being here too. Ride with us.


*Photos by the amazing, cool, creative, and super patient Darrin Presley


  1. Hi, Sizzling 70s! Welcome! I was going to ask if you knew about the Forever Fierce Revolution page on Facebook, where a lot of over-fifty bloggers support each other! It sounds like you already know about it. Thank you for reaching out! We’re all learning together, haha!


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