Marcie: My Cloud Pants

By Marcie Everhart

pic1A (2)

These photos of me were shot by Tammy So Romantic in the Paseo Arts District of Oklahoma City (where you can breathe the art in the very air), and it makes perfect sense to me to combine these images with my photographer-friend’s artsy, i-phone photos. He has a big ol’ following over on the Instagrams.


Darrin creates a world I’d like to live in — super-saturated color and a flattened quality with just a couple of dimensions, like an alien world in a sci-fi movie, and everybody slides in and out on light beams, wearing their radiation-protective eye-wear.


I asked Darrin, “hey, is it egotistical me merging myself with your art?” And in typical, cool-artsy-guy fashion, he said… “who cares?” Lol. We women worry too much.


Ya’ know, I’m just a girl enjoying her cloud pants.


More cool stuff.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


Tammy and I first shot these pants with a white lacy pullover. I thought it’d be just the ticket, all matchy with the white floral texture up everywhere, when actually I liked the opposite direction better, with a navy top or dark-dark denim. I think any white top will be too bright and make the jean’s applique-embroidery work look “dirty.”

pant1 (2)

A warm spring sun breaks through the clouds.

pant2 (2)

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

jeans (2)jeans (2)target (2)

Jessica Simpson Floral Print Embroidered Skinny Jeans, Sky, Stein Mart, $50. Btw, each pair of these jeans I saw in the store was different, varying in its shades of white and blush in the flowers and butterflies. I wanted more pink, but the more-white pair happened to be the better fit.

Labette Dark-Wash Denim Shirt from Universal Thread, Target, $20.


*Photos of Marcie by Tammy Seibert

*Photos of situational sunlight and cooperating clouds by Darrin Presley. See much more here.

*Photos of pants hanging in a tree by Marcie Everhart.

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