Robin: Not “Mammaw Cora Approved”

By Robin Stone

pic1 (2)

All of us have the token “Little Black Dress.” I have more than I probably should, but you just never know what “LBD” mood you are going to be in!

pic2 (2)

Is it my favorite “doesn’t touch me anywhere” LBD, or is it my “Mammaw Cora Approved” more conservative LBD? (Side note:  Mammaw Cora was my little great-grandmother who was very involved in the First Baptist Church and was the very definition of a “lady.” So when I call it my “Mammaw Cora Approved” dress, you can imagine that it comes up to my chin and down past my knees!) Different occasions call for different styles of our Little Black Dresses.

pic3 (2)

For this photo shoot, I chose to mix classy with a little sexy for the LBD.

pic5 (2)

It looks just fine by itself, with simple jewelry and great shoes. However, I have worn it with lots of layered necklaces, chunky bracelets and cowboy boots before as well! It is the perfect Little Black Dress.

pic6 (2)

So make em’ take a second look, ladies! The Little Black Dress never disappoints!

pic4 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Me taking photos of Robin. — Marcie


Aaaand Robin let me know those numbers behind her outside on the bench? If you add 31 and 22, you’ll get her age on her next birthday here in a few days. Happy birthday, beautiful bombshell.

A Little Background Music

No way is this “Mammaw Cora Approved,” lol. In fact, this very amusing Ivy Levan video is rated R, so if you’re not over-fifty, you may not be old enough to fully appreciate this sauce.

(Note: A lot of Ivy Levan music videos are linked into some ongoing gangster saga with her pitted against these guys in animal masks. I don’t quite understand it all, but it makes me laugh as in yeah, I’ve known a Monkey and a Rooster… )

Shopping Links

dress (2)dress2 (2)shoe (2)

Amanda And Chelsea Sleeveless Sheath Dress, Nordstrom Rack, $60.

Michael Tyler Little Sleeveless Black Dress, Damselfly, $92.

Gayle Patent Leather Pump, Calvin Klein, $99.


*Photos of Robin by Marcie Everhart


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