Marcie: Femme Fatale

By Marcie Everhart

“Some days I feel like playing it smooth. Some days I feel like playing it like a waffle iron.” — Raymond Chandler, master of noir, in the hard-boiled detective Philip Marlowe story “Trouble Is My Business”

Playing It Smooth


This black dress with a cut-out v-neck is a bit of a waffle iron itself with its eye-catching, intriguing neckline. (It’s from Covered Perfectly, so the dress is constructed from their smooth, high-quality MicroModal Ponte de Roma fabric with the flattering drape.) The dress design is a perfect game of conceal-reveal, concealing what I want to remain a mysterious question and revealing a glimpse of one of the sexier, feminine parts of a woman. Duh-nuh — the collarbone!

pic3 (2)

The black brings out the best in the textured straw accessories so hot right now.

pic6 (2)

This dress is femme fatale, all the way. Check it out at Covered Perfectly and knock ’em dead, doll.

pic7 (2)

Playing It Like A Waffle Iron

The key to keeping everyone on their toes is to do the unexpected.

pic9 (2)

I have a new pair of Nikes (and agate earrings), black and sleek, and I want to wear them with everything, even dresses. I would totally wear this comfortable dress and sneaks on vacation to sight-see or blast through an airport. The only thing I’d want to shop for is a sleek black leather backpack — hands-free for me.

pic10 (2)

Playing It Your Way

Obviously thisĀ dress is a lot of fun and flexible enough to allow you to assume the identity of a hundred different women. You can play any part you like with this perfect dress as the key!

pic12 (2)
Uptown art.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Just me and Ava, hanging out. Ha!


Modeling is so much harder than it looks! Hairrr — wind — need to show the neckline well! Lol.

pic11 (2)
Downtown art.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes Take Two

This is the 2nd of 5 posts for April reviewing merchandise from Covered Perfectly, a marvelous clothing company that caters to the over-fifty lady, and it’s a perfect way for us to mark our 1-Year Anniversary. We’re having a ball, ya’ll!

See the 1st product review post for Covered Perfectly here.

A Little Background Music

The smooth…

The waffle iron…

Shopping Links

20% Off for Forever 51 Readers

Forever 51 readers can get a 20% off on 1 or 2 items by using coupon code FFB20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. Or you can use the Buy 2, Get the 3rd FREE Special, no code necessary. (Only one discount can be applied per order.) Happy Shopping!


The Modest Little Black Dress, sizes up to 1X, Covered Perfectly, $70 before discount.



*Photos of Marcie taken by Dale Amlee at the Colcord Hotel and The Womb, Oklahoma City

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