Kathy: Architectural Elegance from Covered Perfectly

By Kathy Wallace

with commentary by Editor Marcie Everhart

Hello, Classy Two-Toned A-Line Top from Covered Perfectly.

It was like Christmas morning around here when the package arrived, and Santa had brought each of the Forever 51 women a present from Covered Perfectly, a California company that focuses on clothing for women over fifty. When the company’s founder Pauline had approached us to review her line, we leapt at the chance. This is exactly the kind of company we’d love to TELL THE WORLD about — female-owned, made in America, quality-driven, with designs for our age demographic and our issues!

Pauline has put so much thought into all of her designs and is obviously able to check all the boxes because she is us, a real woman trying to find something polished, elegant, and flattering that covers the arms and stomach. She launched her company five years ago at the age of 56 to meet this need in the market. We just want something exciting, soft, flexible, smart, comfortable, professional — check, check, check, to all.

First of all, we got a kick out of the fact that we five very different women each found something to delight our hearts from the same line. We already said flexible, right? And we can’t wait to unveil all the different pieces and looks: Robin’s edgy cut-out top, Suki’s bright happy purple color, Tammy’s boho leopard scarf-vest (a clever, versatile thing if I ever saw one), and me in an elegant Little Black Dress! The posts will be scattered throughout April.

The first featured piece in this exciting collaboration is our Kathy in an A-line, two-tone top created with the special MicroModal® fabric, a fiber made of European beechwood that is described as the softest fabric in the world. Ladies, this top is perfect to wear ANYWHERE for ANY OCCASION. And Kathy So Glamorous is taking it on a tour of our stately Oklahoma state capitol building.

pic8 (2)

Great design starts with good lines, and I think we can all agree the A-line is the most flattering style on any woman.

pic7 (2)

This white trim is downright flirty from some angles! Yet from others, sophisticated and professional. You can choose from four colors available for the trim: white, kelly green, taupe, or gray.

pic10 (2)

Fabric, color, and cut come together in a top that is timeless, like a work of art.

pic6 (2)

Kathy chooses to style the top with glamorous accessories: black-and-white jewelry, a gold-trimmed box purse…

pic5 (2)

…and classic black lace pumps.

pic11 (2)

I can easily see this soft, breathable, luxurious top worn to the theater or a special occasion.

pic1 (3)

Thank you, Covered Perfectly, for allowing us the chance to experience your merchandise and provide review. Our conclusion — magnifiqué. This fabric is something else.

pic9 (2)

We want to pause in appreciation for a fellow over-fifty woman who started a business geared toward making other over-fifty women feel appreciated and beautiful and valued. Please consider taking a look at Covered Perfectly‘s offerings to see if it’s just what you’ve been looking for.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

NDN (2)

This handsome guy is a smaller replica of “The Guardian,” a 22-foot, 3-ton statue that stands in vigilance atop the dome of our fine capitol building here in Oklahoma. And we’ve taken a vote — ALL of Kathy’s photos from now on should have a warrior spear in her hand. ;^)

pic12 (2)
Excellence indeed.

A Little Background Music

Kathy insisted we do this. Aye-yip-aye-yo-ee-ay! Lol.

Shopping Links

20% Off for Forever 51 Readers

Forever 51 readers can get a 20% discount on up to two items! Use the discount code FFB20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. (Only one discount can be applied per order.)


Classy Two-Toned Top, sizes up to 1X, 4 accent colors, Covered Perfectly, $60 before discount.


*Photos of Kathy by Marcie Everhart


  1. Black and White is always classic. This is a beautiful top. Great Pic Kathy. Enjoy seeing each new model
    in her style each week. Thanks Macie for your hardwork. Congratulations on your experience with a clothing company.

    Liked by 1 person

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