Spotlight Guest Contributor: Meet Nina — A Long, Tall Drink from Florida … with a Twist

Editor’s Note: In this Guest Spot, we travel to the land of swaying palm trees and ocean breezes, down to Tampa, FL. Here lives a woman who thinks about deep things like balance, perspective, and calm in the face of life’s tempestuous storms. And she could teach a Master Class in how to do classic style so that it is NEVER boring, predictable, or frumpy. Meet fellow over-fifty blogger Nina from Sharing A Journey, who opens her heart and home to talk to us about both life and style. — Marcie

A friendly smile welcomes us to Tampa!

Nina, you look so vibrant. How do you feel about being over fifty? I don’t give my age much thought. Half the time, when someone asks, I have to calculate to see how old I actually am. I am loving this chapter of my life, though it hasn’t been without bumps and massive change. I’m better able to navigate life’s ups and downs now.

Nina looks both classic and current in an elegant, blush, pearl-encrusted sweater with the very modern twist of generous triple-tiered bell sleeves. — Marcie

Has your style changed in any way? What is your style now? I’d say my style is classic, and elegant with a twist — I usually try to keep my look interesting and fun. When I was young, I was very feminine and floaty, then I transitioned  into corporate life which is essentially a uniform — I was always looking for ways to express my personal style and may have broken a few dress code rules along the way. My former husband liked more body-conscious looks so some of that made its way into my wardrobe for a while as well. Lately,  I’ve been loving vintage vibes, so we’ve been having fun playing with modern clothing with a nod to the past. I’ve been watching too much PBS, I think.

There is no such thing as watching too much PBS, lol. And no such thing as too much PBS-inspired fashion. The rose gold clutch with this red and black is unexpected…and smashing. I’m convinced — Miss Scarlet did it! — Marcie

Are you more willing (less, same) to try new things? I am always trying new things and morphing them into my wardrobe. I love seeing how many ways I can style a single piece. I do sort of gravitate to the classics though.

This is the most perfect polka dot party dress. But the best thing of all is the buckled shoe, which looks both classic and fresh at the same time. — Marcie

How do you tweak current fashion to accommodate the over-fifty lady? An over-fifty lady is no different than any other lady. A lady should dress to flatter her unique figure, choosing clothes that suit her sensibilities and lifestyle. Style has nothing to do with one’s age. I look for clothing that inspires my imagination and I make sure it fits properly — fit is key.

The classic part — butterflies sweeping across a debutante’s glossy viscose skirt and black gloves. The edgy modern twist — the vampy double straps criss-crossing the chest. BTW, all of us at Forever 51 are talking about the pairing of this outfit with That Red Tree. We’re doing a Virtual Standing Ovation over here. Hats off to Nina and her team! Guys, see the whole eye-popping post here. — Marcie

What are your goals as an over-fifty woman? Career? Family? Personal? Do you have a bucket list? My daughter is at college and is doing an excellent job of “adulting” so my new job title is “parental consultant.” She is studying Advertising/PR and has her own YouTube channel, so we have lots to talk about. Sharing A Journey has been an amazing opportunity for me as a writer, content creator and explorer/adventurer. We’ve been enjoying diving deeper into storytelling with our photographs and getting out into the Sharing A Journey community by doing more video, Facebook Lives and are launching Sharing A Journey Real Live here in Tampa. This will be a local style series starting in late April. On my bucket list is more travel, writing books and seeing what comes next — life has been a surprise all along; I don’t imagine that will change.

Those shoes … I can’t breathe. The juxtaposition of sweet bows and saucy fishnet … who is this brilliant woman?!! Her twists bring out the best in both of these opposite energies. What’s a yin without a little yang, right!? — Marcie

Do you keep up with current fashion or feel that your wardrobe reflects your fashion statement? I do take a gander at the trends and check out the runway shows to get a feel for what’s going on, but ultimately I am into playing with what inspires me from my closet, Instagram, Pinterest, television, things I see in the stores or being worn on the street.

This is from a wonderful post on Nina’s site about easy Gym-to-Street transitions, when you need to shift gears after a workout and look more polished. See the full post here. — Marcie

What wisdom would you pass on to your younger self? Gosh, that’s a hard one. I used to take life very seriously; I was always worried about fitting in, being perfect and being liked. I had to have the top designer clothes; everything had to be a certain way. It was very expensive and stressful. I wish someone had showed me how to be more inwardly directed, and I wish I had started practicing yoga and meditation when I was 20 rather than 48.

Are you the girl next door? Or a sexy sea siren? Or just another endlessly fascinating over-fifty woman. Nina, thank you for sharing your beautiful self with us at Forever 51.

A Little Background Music

A fresh update on a classic from the wonderful rising recording artist Samantha Fish.


*The gorgeous photos were provided by Nina at Sharing A Journey and were shot by R.S. Estey Photography. Mad respect from us for the man behind the lens!

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