Tammy: Easter Parade — Steel Magnolia Style

By Tammy Seibert

pic6 (2)

Growing up, it was a big deal to go shopping for an Easter Sunday outfit or go to the fabric store to pick out material and a pattern for mama to make me a dress. If memory serves me correctly, the rules were very strict. Like most young girls, I wore lace and ruffles every Easter including hat and gloves.

pic1 (2)

One year I got in a tiff with my mom because I refused to wear the hat she picked out for me because its rubber strap was pinching my chin underneath and causing me pain. But you know, what mama wants, mama gets. We laugh all the time about my love of hats now.


I’m a truly-born Georgia Peach, born in Covington, GA, while my father was pastoring at a United Methodist church in Salem and completing his master’s at Emory University, Atlanta. I’m now a Reverend myself as well as a preacher’s daughter. My mother’s grandfather was a Missionary Baptist preacher. Church on Easter Sunday is a big deal in our family, ya’ll.

pic2 (2)

pic3 (2)

Easter is an important day of celebration for me, and I don’t believe for a moment that Jesus cares what we wear on Easter Sunday, only that we show up and love on people. But any of us that are women over-fifty, growing up in the south, know a secret…Jesus may not care, but mama surely does and what mama wants…mama gets which also includes a hat for good measure (wink).

pic4 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

The last five years I’ve bought a maxi dress for Easter! I love maxi dresses! Chiffon maxi dresses feel so feminine and dressy!

2016 (2)
pic5 (2)

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

Easter frocks …and hats.

dress1 (3)anthro2 (2)anthro3 (2)

Drama Maxi Dress, Anthropologie, Limited Sizing, $248.

Marilla Maxi Dress, Anthropologie, $248.

Violette Dress, Anthroplogie, $148.

dill1 (2)zoe (2)nord (2)

Eva Franco Tulip Floral Print Chiffon Maxi, Dutch Tulip, Dillard’s, $168.

Victoria Feather Printed Chiffon Maxi, Rachel Zoe, $417.

Eliza J Print Chiffon Halter Maxi, Nordstrom, $158.

hat1 (2)hat2hat3 (2)

A New Day Floppy Hat, Target, $15.

Summer Elegant Super Wide Brim Hat, Black, Amazon, $38.

Glamorous Organza with Feather Floppy Hat, JJ’s House, $58.


*Photos of Tammy by Jenniffer Walsh and Marcie Everhart



  1. Tammy, I do remember EASTER and it is a special time of the year- SPRING- Lots of color and you
    have really showcased the dress this year and the big floppy hat. I am so glad you are part of this blog with all the over 50 Gals. Nice treat to see each time the new look that we can do lots of color and style.


  2. I do remember Easter Sunday with our hats and gloves and usually a color-coordinated coat over our pretty spring frilly dress. Love your Maxi dress and the hat.


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