Suki: Career Edition – A Regal Rainbow

By Suki Bickett

pic1 (2)

These colors look so vibrant — like wearing a rainbow. This rich purple is both my and my mom’s favorite color.

pic3 (2)
The fabric of Suki’s LOFT maxi dress offers a subtle, elegant sheen.

I’m glad some of these photos turned out good… What’s up with the Oklahoma wind!!

pic4 (2)

This necklace was a special gift from my mother and perfect for this outfit with all the shades of purple.

pic2 (2)
Sometimes perfect accidents happen with photos, lol, such as the yellow flower behind Suki’s head becoming a spring crown of gold. I love it. — Marcie

By adding a sweater or jacket and a strand of pearls, your pretty spring Easter dress is ready for the office.

pic5 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

My dog Thunder wants to be in all the pictures and posts. 😂

fam (2)

A Little Background Music

This is one of my favorite songs!! When we go down to New Orleans, we head to Pat O’Brien’s piano bar to request this song and have us a Hurricane drink!! I was born in Thailand but grew up near Shreveport, and this dress makes me think of Louisiana’s color, music and good times.

Shopping Links

Suki’s dress and sweater are both LOFT and no longer available, but we’ve found several options for a colorful rainbow dress.

dress4 (3)dress5 (2)dress6 (2)

Jersey Coral Reef Stripe Maxi Dress, Juicy Couture, $100.

Purple Striped Halter Maxi Dress, Just Blue, $66.

Mara Hoffman Genevieve Dress, Shopbop, $475.

anthro (2)dress1 (2)dress2 (2)

Farm Rio Rainbow-Striped Dress, Anthropologie, $188.

AQUA Rainbow Striped Maxi Wrap Dress, Bloomingdale’s, $158.

ANGVNS Colour Maxi Halter Rainbow Dress, Dress Link, $21.


CL By Laundry Whisk Lace-Up, Rich Brown, JC Penney, $28.

Medium Asher Melbourne, Brahmin, $265.


*Photos of Suki by Marcie Everhart


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