Kathy: Sunday Serenity

By Kathy Wallace

Following a weekend of doing “what you want to do” with no dreaded time constraints, deadlines or conference calls and meetings, how do you spend your Sunday afternoon?

pic1 (3)

Is it the traditional afternoon nap, relaxing with a book “in progress,” gathering ideas from magazines, or watching a movie that you missed at the theater?

pic3 (2)

My Sunday afternoons consist of the aforementioned including taking the time for reflection and counting my blessings.

pic4 (4)

May you have a wonderful week and remember, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

pic5 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Simply elegant and very feminine.

RR1 (2)
A painting restful to the eyes in Kathy’s nest.

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

26486_copyright_reddressboutique_2017 (2)camix (2)earrings

Content With You Misty Rose Pink Cardigan, Red Dress Boutique, $48.

Cami NYC Silk Camisole, Saks Fifth Avenue, $154.

Small Square Studs, Light Pink, Kate Spade New York, $38.

leggings (2)shoelip (2)

Nine West Lace-Up Leggings, DSW, $20.

Softey Furry Slides, 9 colors, Steve Madden, $40.

MAC Lipglass, Saint Germain, MAC Cosmetics, $17.


*Photos of Kathy by Tammy Seibert

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