Spotlight Guest Contributor: Meet Regan – Class and Southern Sass!

Editor’s Note: The Forever 51 Team created a questionnaire to help get more women’s voices HEARD and styles SEEN and appreciated on our blog. Regan in Alabama, a fellow over-fifty lifestyle blogger at Nifty 50 And Fabulous, has agreed to be our first using the questionnaire! We are so excited to present to you this petite ball o’ fire from down south, Regan! — Marcie

Reganpinkdress (2)
Regan shows how magical color can be, transforming dreary winter for you and everyone around you! Here a fiery fuchsia cold-shoulder dress is accented with a silvery metallic statement necklace, manicure, and shoe that is as cute as it is comfortable. I’m happier just looking at this dress! – Marcie

How do you feel about being over fifty? I am LOVING it! I feel like I am “free to be me.” Embracing changes in my life. Getting out more and spending time with other women. Before it was “all about the kids,” now it is all about enjoying life.

Summer Lovin’ — a tie-dyed, split-sleeve float of a top from Chico’s and the gleam of gold jewelry.

Has your style changed in any way? What is your style now? I have learned to love my body. I am petite and curvy. Instead of dwelling on the fact that my body type is not “perfect,” I am learning to enhance the positives and have fun with fashion. Lucky for all of us, manufacturers and designers have learned we have different body types and are making garments that are more flattering and you are seeing better variety in petite and plus sizes.

My favorite thing about this outfit – the sunglasses in that mysterious, sexy, gradual tint. Slick! Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of adding turquoise to animal print too, to get some color up in here! Wait, that shoe too… the shiny black patent leather that gives a petite some height without killing her in the process. Okay, the whole outfit is amazing. – Marcie

Are you more willing (less, same) to try new things? I love to try new things. But I have also learned what looks best for my body. Just because it is the newest “trend” doesn’t mean it will be flattering on me. I do a lot of mixing and matching, old with new.

Reganturquoise.jpg (2)
Here Regan combines a cold-shoulder black dress in a supportive fabric blend with oodles of turquoise jewelry. This is simple and powerful. Outfit details can be found here.

How do you tweak current fashion to accommodate the over-fifty lady? I don’t think age has anything to do with it. For me it is about what looks good on my body type.

See Regan’s discussion of why this dress works so well for the curvy petite! She’s got GRAPHS, ARROWS, and everything! To be this fierce and gorgeous, sometimes you need Fashion Science! She stunned at a summer wedding with this number.
What do you wear with bright color? More interesting bright color. This is the same dress as the black one above, both from Chico’s. I can only imagine how flexible these dresses are. What a smart buy. – Marcie

What are your goals as an over-fifty woman? Career? Family? Personal? Do you have a bucket list? My life is ever-changing. Don’t really have a bucket list, mostly I am trying to enjoy life. For me with my busy life, the simple things such as reading a book, working in the garden, going to lunch with friends are priceless.


Do you keep up with current fashion or feel that your wardrobe reflects your fashion statement? I do like to check out the current trends. I am not a slave to trends. I am more about what makes me feel good about how I look.

More silver accessorizing to hot pink, but this time with a hammered metal that is all about summer.

What wisdom would you pass on to your younger self? Don’t wish away time. Learn to be happy in the now.

A Little Background Music

There is so much beauty, soul, and raw talent coming out of Alabama right now. It is our pleasure to be a showcase.



*Photos provided by Regan at Nifty 50 And Fabulous.


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