Marcie: Transitioning Year Round with the Floral Embroidered Jean

By Marcie Everhart


I snagged these black floral embroidered jeans at the local JC Penney in September, six months ago, no big deal, and snapped these pics after meeting a friend for lunch near downtown.

picA (2)

At the time I thought, that’s a LOT of flowers right on the hip of a short-legged girl! I was going for an all-black canvas to allow the bright flowers on the jeans and booties to really stand out.

picC (2)

I felt I needed to think of ways to minimize what at the time looked like an overly generous amount of embroidering to me.


pic1 (2)

This poncho has a ruffled hemline constantly in motion, hiding then revealing the flowers on the hip.

pic2 (2)

I’m holding it up here, but I like how the flowers peek out when I’m moving. It intrigues the eye.


pic1 (2)

To explore mixing the red floral with a red plaid, I tried a red and black buffalo plaid shirt first, and it wasn’t quite right, then found this one in the closet with a touch of turquoise. Its wash of colors more closely matched the flowers.

closeup (2)

This outfit made me really happy — thinking about my home of wild prairie flowers, red-white-and-blue Americana, fringed little cowboy boots, and a necklace charm of a red and turquoise chief’s headdress. I’m reading a historical book about Quanah Parker and the Comanche tribe right now. The belt is Reba McEntire’s I picked up last year I think. Reba’s an Oklahoma girl, too, right! #muricah

pic2 (2)


pic2 (2)

Hold on to your hat, here comes spring in Oklahoma! With a black tee or tank under this lovely sheer floral duster, you can go right on in to summer looking like a wild, beautiful thunderstorm.

duster1 (2)

I dub these pictures the Wicked Witch of the West Wind, :^).

pic4 (2)

I appreciate how some women find the best way to style a piece and it’s perfect, just hit repeat. I tend to keep tweaking and experimenting, playing. In this case, I think each outfit gets stronger, reflecting different moods, as I went along, moving from rocker through western to bohemian.

better (2)pic3torso (2)

pic3 (2)

I think I may be a terrible laundress, haha, and I washed them inside out in cold water and everything! But both the black fabric and red embroidery threads have weathered over time, and the contrast is not so intense. I like them better this way actually.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

legs (2)

At one point, early in my career while working for newspapers (as an arts/entertainment/lifestyles reporter then in advertising and in-house promotions), I designed “rack cards” like this…it’s the card on the front of old newspaper racks that is switched out every season. So when I saw this rack downtown, I began waxing nostalgic, lol.

pic3 (2)
This is the daily metro newspaper I’m currently reviewing books for and contributing some fashion content. It’s ironic that I first started writing about fashion and arranging photo shoots thirty years ago.

An old newspaperwoman, re-inventing for today’s bloggy world.

A Little Background Music

Oh, but you can change it and rearrange it.

Shopping Links

jeans1 (2)jeans2 (2)jeans3 (2)

a.n.a. Embroidered Jegging, JC Penney, $22. *these ones are mine

TopShop Jamie Embroidered Skinny Jeans, Nordstrom, $95.

Slim Mom Jeans, H&M, $23.

duster (2)jacketshawl (2)

Chelsea & Violet Floral Duster, Dillards, $22. *this one is mine

Bernardo Kirwin Leather Moto Jacket, Nordstrom, $230.

Apt. 9 Ruffled Ruana, Kohl’s, $27. *this one is mine

plaidshirt2 (2)belt (2)

Filson Scout Shirt, Zappos, $125.

Ranch Hand Plaid Shirt, Red and Teal Ombre, Pendleton, $100.

Nocona Embossed Brown Leather with Turuoise Studs, PFI Western Store, $75.

boot (2)boot2 (2)boot3

Leather Chelsea Boot, Black, ASOS, $64.

Betsey Johnson Twiggy Embroidered Boot, Nordstrom Rack, $55.

Coconuts Lambert Black Fringe Bootie, Shoe Station, $50.


*Photos of Marcie by Tammy Seibert


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  1. Hi Marcie
    First, thank you for the feature yesterday. Lovely job! I also was looking and your blog and the florals caught my eye! surprise 😉 ! Love the embroidered jeans and the floral duster is fabulous with the look, something Stevie Nicks might wear ! i spied those cute booties last fall myself. I am a huge fan of Stevie Ray too… we played his tunes and others in a blues band I was in, in college.
    Have a great week!
    jess xx

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