Robin: Career Edition — Crazy Tights!

By Robin Stone

pic2 (2)

Remember when we were young, and we had pretty, colored little tights that matched all of our frilly dresses? Then, we grew up and our options were nude and black nylons. Not any more! Crazy tights have become more popular than ever in the last few years. YAY for us!!!

pic3crop (2)

These are my “Crazy Tights.” I bought them in Rome, Italy, about 13 years ago. I saw them in the window and couldn’t resist! I got home and could not wait to wear them to my “very conservative” job. I will tell you… small town…small, community bank… there were A LOT of raised eyebrows and even more comments! My co-workers affectionately dubbed the days I would wear them as “Robin’s Crazy Tights Days.”

pic5 (2)

I will admit, when I wear them, even still, I feel a bit more “Sassy”! Just a bit more “out there” than usual! They are definitely conversation-starters!

Luckily, the “crazy tights” trend has made it to this part of the world. You can buy all colors and patterns in opaque or nylon at most department stores.

So come on, Ladies! Express your Sassy selves!

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Editor’s Note: While shooting Robin’s photos, I lost track of how many people walking by complimented her on her awesome tights! This was a group of boys being funny and flirty and cute, lol. But what I love so much about these photos is The Power of a Compliment. – Marcie

RR1 (2)RR2 (2)

RR3 (2)

What woman over 50 doesn’t love this?

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

tights1 (2)tights2 (2)tights4 (2)

Gipsy Floral Lace Net Leggings, The Tight Spot, $10.

Wolford Droplet Fashion Tights, The Tight Spot, $45.

Gipsy Psychedelic Colorful Tights, The Tight Spot, $12.

tights3 (2)tights5 (2)

Falke Retro Patterned Tights, The Tight Spot, $25.

Zohara “Game Boy” Cream Tights, Trendy Legs, $20.


Apt. 9 Two-Tone Circle-Link Belt, Kohl’s, $26.

Vintage Silver Tone Round Link Metal Belt, Etsy, $20.


*Photos of Robin by Marcie Everhart

1 Comment

  1. Robin I love the sassy tights, you look terrific. But you have always been on the cutting edge
    of style since I have know you. Keep doing you unique style.

    Liked by 1 person

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