Marcie: What I Was Loving in February

By Marcie Everhart

Sometimes the blog feels too “big” to me…as if we’re chasing the perfect outfit in the perfect location with the perfect pose. And that’s a legitimate thing, for sure. But I wanted to try something with this post that feels cozier, more real-life, more documentary per se than epic. I sat my camera on the kitchen counter (then later remembered I do have a tripod, lol) and shot outfits throughout the month as I was heading to places. Or returning, if I forgot earlier. Or staging a few days later if I really spaced out. I like this idea of documenting what my month looked like and what all was I thinking! Wouldn’t that have been great to time-travel back to our teens or 20s or 30s to see a time capsule of what our lives were really like then? Anyhoo.

So, presenting, (eyeroll not drumroll) — as in this is the first episode, for February 2018, of:

How I Dressed Myself…

1) …For Battlefield Combat

Green (2)
Lipstick: MAC Whirl

In other words — bar trivia. Haha. I’m wearing camo cargo pants I cropped myself with blunt scissors, velvet floral booties, and a Victorian smocked top. These pants had elastic in the hem which reminded me of toddler pants I put on my boys 25 years ago. I couldn’t wait to chop that part off. I’m a fan of the raw-hem, cropped-leg look right now. Life should always be this dang easy. And I think the military olive webbed belt belonged to one of my sons from their Hollister/American Eagle/ Aeropostale teen years, but the quartermaster (me) re-appropriated it. This is about Greensleeves or Green Leaves or something like that. I just long for the leaves to return. My team won $80 that night in movie trivia because this over-fifty broad knows stuff like Yul Brynner! And Captain America as a chopper, baby, not a superhero!

2) …To Go Downtown For More Books

Khaki (2)
Lipstick: Zuzu Luxe, a vegan brand, in Galaxy

I begged my husband to not make me go get the new shower curtain liners at Target. I can’t go in there without buying some clothes thing. But he wouldn’t listen. No, he was gonna stay and paint, and I needed to do the errands. So, that’s how I ended up with these cute khaki flare-leg pants. Because he’s so focused only on himself and doing all the redecorating work in the bathroom by himself! Lol. And in the immortal words of Reba McEntire’s young Courtesan-in-the-Making “Fancy” — they fit me good. Ha! (Is there another line in that song that says “Mama’s gonna move you uptown!” The entire universe is connected somehow I swear.) So, I review books for a daily metro newspaper, and occasionally go in to the newsroom downtown to get another batch. I want to dress up but not really, you know? I’m putting shiny gold pumps with khaki pants, a black v-neck tee under a suit vest (another piece from one of my sons, ohmigawd it’s sad how much I wear my kids’ castoffs) and a black, satin-trimmed tuxedo jacket. Yeah, I don’t know. But, I love my new Target pants!

3) …In a T-Shirt Bought at a Gas Station

chicken1 (2)

So…Farm! So…Fresh! Lol. I bought this new t-shirt in a gas station on the state border between Texas and Oklahoma, but don’t worry, I found a shopping link at a tractor supply you can use. Jk. These “boyfriend” jeans are a.n.a. from JC Penney and are my favorites right now, and the booties (bought on sale at Old Navy for $10 at least two years ago) are also favorites, repeatedly chosen over others in my closet. I can’t even calculate the price-per-wear ratio at this point. Can you believe the boot is still holding up great? The webbed belt I stole from the kids works better for me because I’m such a weird between-size. I’m like a shmedium or a melarge. I don’t remember where I was going in this outfit, but I felt as jaunty as a banty rooster and snapped a pic. #favoritejeans #favoriteboots #softtee #faveeverything #lifeisgood #denimondenim And we were having a moment when it felt like spring might really happen. Yeehaw.

chicken2 (2)
Lipstick: MAC Amorous

4) …For An Eye Doctor Appointment

black1 (3)
Lipstick: Sephora Love You Too

On the way to see a new eye doctor (or maybe not apparently), who wants me to go back to contacts (ugh!) but still wear eyeglasses too! Ahhhh!! Yeah, though, I get it. To make the weak eye create messages the brain will accept so I don’t lose all functionality in it like my grandmother did. This could be titled my “Blind as a Bat” outfit. :^) So, I’ve read that we women keep buying the same thing over and over in our fashion purchases. My personal DUPLICATIONS are black turtlenecks, denim work shirts, and beige sweaters. So, how do I manage to look so crazy sometimes? Scary, but there it is. Also, these are cropped jeans with a cute bell flare to the leg (I tried to lighten so you could see), but they keep falling down a little on me (shmedium). I may need to chop ’em a smidge more myself on the length. Anyway! Because people love you and you love you, you need to take care of yourself. Get all your annual check-ups done! — eyes, hormones, teeth, whatnot.

5) …For a Super Bowl Party

Blue (2)
Lipstick: Maybelline Midnight Blue

Held at Rock & Brews, the place owned by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in Oklahoma City. And if you’re not gonna wear blue lipstick to cheer on the Pats at a bar owned by the founders of the legendary rock band KISS, when are you, tell me! Actually, this lipstick is part of my Steampunk “persona,” but that’s another story for another time. It basically looks like I’ve been eating those 4th-of-July Bomb popsicles, and who wouldn’t be happy about that? Like rock-n-roll-all-night-and-party-every-day happy. I know you want to see another shot.

Blue2 (2)

6) …For a Dog Presentation

Dog (2)

One of my closest friends is an expert on all the fun you could be having with your dogs. Her two Whippets are field champion lure coursers when they’re not busy helping kids learn to read or cheering up old folks at the home or learning foreign languages. (I’m kidding about that last part — wait, they do know sign language, I think.) Anyway, she was asked to speak on how to get started with the dog sports and activities, and I went to support her with my friendly face in the audience. On a dreary, gloomy February evening, I layered up in cords and an insulated vest in one of my favorite summer color combos — orange, turquoise, and browns. I learned about a new activity you can even do with your unruly, untrained, hard-headed, crazy dog! The Barn Hunt! My German Shepherd boy Sam would tear that barn uuuuup til he found the mouse in the PVC pipe! He would love it so much. And me too. That could get hairy real quick.

7) …For a Community Book Discussion

Einstein (2)
Lipstick: MAC “O”

Sometimes I come across a book that is new to me that blows my mind. To say the graphic novelĀ MAUS is about a Holocaust survivor (and the Jews are depicted as mice and the Nazis as cats) doesn’t begin to describe this stunning, Pulitzer Prize-winning work of art. A local university is doing a discussion series on war books, and this is the WWII selection. Of course I wore my Albert Einstein graphic tee to a Holocaust/war graphic novel discussion. I just can’t stop myself sometimes. When I wear the tee (I’m sure I got it at Forever 21 years ago), I wear all black so the face really pops, but I discovered how cool the bomber jacket was with it, too, at some point. Bomber jacket. Get it? So, we have black jeans, black moto boot, black smooth turtleneck, the bomber jacket and graphic tee, and a sweet, goofy German Shepherd trying to talk me into a treat.

8) …In an Exciting New Spring Purchase

kimono1 (2)
Lipstick: Zuzu Luxe, a vegan brand, in Galaxy

I know it’s a tad too early for the stores in my neck of the woods to have the spring fashion stocked up, but sometimes you look anyway, right? And find this…for $20 on a Dillard’s sales rack. And you imagine going home, pulling out everything you own with flowers on it (socks and scarves too), dumping it all on the bed, and meticulously creating floral-on-floral, over-the-top, spring-on-crack looks that make a late-February ice storm seem completely irrelevant. Stay tuned for a future post. Let’s see if this really happens.

9) …In a Campbell’s Soup Can Shirt

soup (2)
Lipstick: Maybelline Warm Me Up

Where am I going? Puh-shaw. The grocery store, of course. I’m a huge Warhol fan. I’d have all the shirts referencing his artwork if I could. Ohmigosh, ya’ll, I just read that Andy Warhol was a hoarder! They carried out 610 boxes of crap from his NYC apartment after he died. The art museum dedicated to his work hasn’t even made a dent in it yet. I digress — clothes depicting pop art is a big trendy trend this spring on the runways. For some of us, though: way of life. With straight-legged pants, a turtleneck, a Chelsea boot — I was obviously channeling a 1960s mod mood. Normally, I scorn the wearing of any company’s logo or brand — I don’t want to be anybody’s walking billboard, no matter how popular they are at the moment — but this is done ironically. An ironic statement on fashion and art? Yes, without hesitation. One man’s Adidas is just another man’s Campbell’s Soup. :^)

10) …For the Blog

pic2 (3)pic3 (2)pic5 (2)

Left: In red plaid pants so that when I fall through a big rock and find myself in Scotland 200 years back, I…Am…Ready! (That is a shamelessOutlander” reference to Jamie Fraser’s clan motto, I Am Ready which is in French no less.) The original blog post is here. This was actually a blog dinner meeting with a chilly sunset on the lake that became a post. Sunset light is magical.

Middle: Me in my powder room talking about parfum, in a gray pinstripe jumper-shorty-dress with pockets. I have this entire bathroom to myself — yay for empty nest! Which explains why there are necklaces hanging from a towel rack. I re-did it in gold and black, with sort of an Art Deco nod, using my grandmother’s candelabra as a bracelet holder. It’s my girl-space. The original blog post is here.

Right: Up to Valentine’s Day shenanigans in my kitchen in floral palazzo pants and a lacy top. The original blog post is here and incorporates recreating vintage ads for kitchen appliances. :^) It started with how much the spring florals remind me of my grandmother’s aprons that she wore every day.

And that was my February. Some things old, some things new, some things borrowed (from my sons), and something blue (the lipstick). :^) Thank you for being here with us. Let’s plan a joyful spring together.

A Little Background Music

I love the things this man does with a Craftsman 11/16th-inch socket.

Shopping Links

farmalbert (2)shirt (2)

Mason Jar Farm Fresh Tee, Honey Hush Boutique, $26.

Pins & Bones Albert Einstein Cool Shades, Clothing 4 Legend, $20.

Andy Warhol Graphic T-Shirt, Uniqlo, $15.

blackjeans2 (2)blackjeans (2)whitepants (2)

Chelsea & Violet Crop Flared Jeans, Dillard’s, $35.

SP Black Mid Rise Pompom Kick Flare Jeans, Nordstrom Rack, $37.

Gibson & Latimer Step Frayed Denim Jeans, Dillard’s, $64.

cords (2)camo (2)jeans (2)

St. John’s Bay Straight Leg Corduroy Pants, Dark Camel, JC Penney, limited sizing, $15.

Evans Camo Skinny Pants with Metallic Braid Trim, JAG Jeans, Nordstrom Rack, $37.

a.n.a. Skinny Boyfriend Jeans, JC Penney, limited sizing in petite only online.

kimono (2)bomber (2)bomber2 (2)

Gianni Bini Floral Kimono, Dillard’s, $20.

Alexus Beige Bomber Jacket, Pretty Little Thing, $38.

Jessica Simpson Faux Shearling Bomber Jacket, Macy’s, $77.

bootie (2)belt

Sueded Ankle Boots, Sidewalk Ends, Old Navy, $38.

Wide Genuine Leather Beaded Belt, Always Style 4 You, ArtFire, $88.


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