Marcie: 5 Ways to Style Big Floral Palazzo Pants

By Marcie Everhart

Once upon a time, there was a woman whose life revolved around the kitchen and preparing for her family delicious and nutritious meals.

ad7 (3)pic1 (4)

(Ohmigosh, ladies, how the hell long have we been wearing clothes with big flowers on them?!)

She always wore a frilly apron, usually in a feminine floral pattern, that conveyed her cheerful nature and immense pleasure at doing this task.

ad8 (2)pic4 (2)

(Stripes and florals — a great mix! ~~)

Meal prep was elaborate — food is love!

ad2 (2)pic2 (4)

(Polka dots and florals – another great mix! There is white subway tile in the backgrounds of both of these pictures … what is happening here!!!! — room is spinning)

She looked out the window at her whole world, her devoted husband and sweet children, greeting each other at the end of the day.

ad1pic3 (2)

All I see is my sad, ratty little kitty greens in the window, lol.

She’ll always remember the greatest day of her life…when she got a toaster.

adtoast (2)pic5 (2)

A Recap of the Lewks

Okay, we probably ought to remind ourselves what we’re doing here. We’re trying big floral palazzo pants with 1) a striped turtleneck 2) a striped boat-neck 3) a polka dot button-up shirt tied at the waist 4) a fuchsia silk button-up shirt half-tucked and 5) a lace turtleneck over a black tank.

pica (2)picb (2)

picc (3)picd (2)

There’s so much fabric in the pant, a more form-fitting garment at the top helps provide definition for the body and visual balance. I think the tank and lace turtleneck achieve that the best. If you want to wear a top that doesn’t lie close to the body, though, and honestly who doesn’t like to break rules, make sure to visually ground all the swing and float of the outfit with a big, significant belt, with a large metal buckle right in the middle.

I think I look like Loretta Lynn there with all that lace up to the neck. Is that a bad thing, tho? Loretter’s cool.


Did ya’ll know Loretta could can cherries? Well, somebody’s got to do it.


I think I’m getting off track here.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


You had to know this was coming! ;^) Dinner is prepared!

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes Take Two

laughing (2)puppet (2)

Have you guys ever noticed how much an oven mitt looks like a cranky, sarcastic, cursing puppet who probably hates cooking?

A Little Background Music

It takes a lot of eggs to make a perfect omelet.

Shopping Links

rack (2)russe (2)macys (2)

Floral Lace-Up Palazzo Pants, Band of Gypsies, Nordstrom Rack, Medium only, $40.

Floral Tie-Front Palazzo Pants, Charlotte Russe, $27.

Floral-Print Wide-Leg Pants, Jill Jill Stuart, Macy’s, $99.

rack2 (2)bini (2)penney (2)

Floral Crepe Palazzo Pants, H.I.P., Nordstrom Rack, $27.

Cece Tie Waist Striped Floral Wide Leg Pant, Gianni Bini, Dillards, $89.

Floral Palazzo Pants, i jeans by Buffalo, JC Penney, $18.

lacetop (2)top (2)express (2)

Sweet Secrets Turtleneck, Free People, 9 colors, $40.

Bell-Sleeve Striped Top, Old Navy, $12.

Polka Dot Tie Front Blouse, Express, $60.


*Photos of Marcie by Dale Amlee


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