Marcie: Memories in a Bottle

By Marcie Everhart

As we discussed Valentine’s Day post ideas, Romantic Tammy posed this question to all of us: Do you have a “fragrance wardrobe” to match your moods, the seasons, different outfits, even the level of formality of occasions?

The answer is yes for all of us here, as well as a special favorite “right now.” We soon discovered that a woman’s perfume vanity tray really reflects WHO THAT WOMAN IS, probably better than her clothes. And why wouldn’t it? Perfume is memories in a bottle, and we are defined by our memories of all these moments in our lives.


Suki’s tray looks rich, complex and elegant.

On Suki’s tray, you’ll find Intuition by Estee Lauder, the “modern interpretation of classic Oriental richness,” Chance by Chanel, Flirt by Pure Romance, Happy by Clinique, and Sensuous by Estee Lauder among others. But Suki’s favorite is Dolce Rosa Excelsa by Dolce & Gabanna, offering all the femininity of the highly-prized, perfect rose. “I love it so much…it gives me more confidence, completes me, and at the same time, gives me a feeling of sexiness,” she said. “I always try to get it at the airport on my way out of the country, where it’s duty-free shopping!”


Her favorite scent is arranged on the heart-shaped tray along with the strand of cultured pearls from Spain that her husband gave to her on their wedding day… #memories


Kathy (2)
Kathy’s tray is cool and glamorous.

Kathy has three go-to fragrances since recently streamlining her fragrance wardrobe: Angel by Thierry Mugler, described as “dream-like,” the more sexy Coco by Chanel, and the more feminine Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. She receives the most compliments when she wears Angel. She added a vintage brooch, pink fur, and pearls to an arrangement atop the mirrored vanity tray owned by her beloved mother, Flo, who has since passed away… #memories


Tammy’s fragrance collection is warm, plentiful, and dazzling to the eye.

Tammy’s perfume wardrobe overflows with different styles, attitudes, and moods with dizzying possibilities such as the oriental spice of Obsession by Calvin Klein, the artsy wood of Paloma Picasso by Paloma Picasso, the wild berries and mandarin of Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, or the rich floral of Red Door by Elizabeth Arden. Her favorite right now is Romance by Ralph Lauren…a blend of notes all over the fragrance wheel — velvety woods, extravagant floral, and seductive musk with an “endlessly positive aura,” just like Tammy.

Most were gifts from her “guys” — three sons and a husband, and they represent sentimental remembrances of past Mother’s Days, Valentine’s Days, and Birthdays…#memories


pic3 (2)

I don’t even own a vanity tray, lol. I have three bottles of perfume at the moment… and wonder how that many even happened…which I keep in a drawer so I don’t have to dust the bottles. My goal in de-cluttering my house is to eventually own nothing, haha. But I do have these three that have captured my imagination right now…

pic4 (2)

Vanille Insensee by Atelier…Oh. My. God. Do not think for a minute this is some run-of-the-mill, oh-another vanilla. I received a sample of this in some monthly goodie box, then procrastinated a couple of years, then spent another month or so running down where I could buy it. It would not let go of me.

You know how your nose becomes accustomed to smells and no longer “smells” it? There’s a science word for that. But that’s where Orange Sanguine also by Atelier comes in…LAYER it with the Vanille Insensee or wear it alone. Keep that nose guessing. No complacent noses allowed. Ambrosia from the gods.

So, my jam is playing with these two delicious Atelier scents unless it’s an evening occasion that calls for drama, mystery, a seriously timeless, heavyweight champ in the world of elegant scents that will punch you in the face — Coco Noir by Chanel. It’s a head-turner, a knockout. It’s described as “intimate, seductive and intensely brilliant.” You guys know how much I LOVE THE NOIR!!! The hard-boiled detective, tough-guy lines flood my mind and make me smile…#memories

pic1 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

pic2 (2)

“She gave me a smile I could feel in my hip pocket.”

Farewell, My Lovely, Raymond Chandler… who turned noir into art.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes Take 2

pic5 (2)

I’m wearing a gray pinstripe because… noir. Lol. And because… great lines.

I just realized I’m literally a literary woman. With a shower curtain with octopus tentacles on it.

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links


You have to do this! On the Atelier site, there is a quiz with beautiful pictures and text to help you find your “perfume wardrobe” of three fragrances. So fun! The company also offers a Discovery Set right now containing 15 mini-vials of fragrances to play with for only $35. Magnifique.

dolce (2)angel (2)romance (2)coco (3)

Dolce Rosa Excelsa, Dolce & Gabanna, Sephora, 1 oz, $76.

Angel, Thierry Mugler, Sephora, .8 oz, $84.

Romance, Ralph Lauren, Sephora, 1.7 oz, $76.

Coco Noir, Chanel, 1.2 oz, $75.


*Photos of Marcie by Dale Amlee, photos of individual perfume collections by Tammy Seibert, Suki Bickett, and Kathy Wallace

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