Tammy: Wild at Heart

By Tammy Seibert

pic3 (2)

What does romance and fashion have to do with horses? There is romance in dressing up cowgirl. Imagine signature looks with romantic and flowing silhouettes. The down-to-earth cowgirl, who is not afraid to get her hands dirty, but also with a little bit of bohemian flair to express her rugged individuality and style.

pic4 (2)

I loved pairing these Vintage Levi Boot Cut jeans with pink velvet boots and a striped poncho. It feels like something Frida Kahlo would have loved to wear. And imagine my delight when I found this Vintage Straw Western Hat to add to the feel of the outfit.

pic7 (2)

Fashion should be fun and daring and above all should represent all the women that you are. Embrace each one and get on your horse and ride into your own adventures.

pic2 (2)

Romance has a number of meanings, but for me  personally,  I like a story relating to chevalier, heroes, adventures and quests. I have learned in my fifty-plus years that men are allowed their adventures, and women who venture out are told that their place is to stay safely at home. I am fortunate that I had a father and mother that encouraged me to venture out on my own adventures.

pic10 (2)

I’ve traveled extensively to many different countries, I’ve taken an Intuitive Painting class at Ghost Ranch in Santa Fe, NM, I’ve taken a cruise through the Greek Islands, I’ve been to the Vatican in Rome and to a kibbutz in Israel. Now my adventure is becoming an ordained minister, which by all standards is not the typical route for a woman.

pic8 (2)

I like these definitions relating to a Wild Heart Woman —

Domesticate:  to tame a wild animal

Tame:  Crushed by domestication, submissive, servile without spirit or force

Subdue:  to make less intense, to soften or dull

Dull:  To overcome the wildness or fierceness of, to make gentle, docile, obedient or spiritless

pic6 (2)

I just want to encourage the over-fifty woman to feel the excitement and mystery associated with loving what you love. Don’t let anyone tame your wild, fierce heart and by all means, go out and find new adventures. My life motto has always been that you can sleep when you die. Sometimes you just have to throw it completely to the wind and say I’m going to do this thing, unafraid and on horseback.

pic9 (2)

pic11 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

When I was 3 years old, my dad taught me to not be afraid, but to saddle up and put on my cowboy hat and red boots and embrace the thrill of riding free.


My dad bought my first pony for my fourth birthday. Her name was Angie and she was a Paint Welsh Pony. He bought the horse in 1967 for $60 which included the saddle and bridle. The endless hours of joy that my dad and I had in the pasture riding together were priceless. It represents freedom, my childhood and sheer delight.

Me and my dad with my pony, Angie.
My daddy, who knew how to raise a strong woman.

A Little Background Music

Keith Urban sings along to scenes from a little ol’ movie about a girl and her horse.

Shopping Links

blue (2)black (2)stripe (2)

Tessa Fringe Poncho, Blueberry, Goddis, $152.

Fringe Poncho, BCBGMAXAZRIA, $30.

Women’s Poncho, Burgundy Stripe, Milanoo, $24.

shep (2)yellowred (2)

Ryan Michael Serape Stripe Poncho, Chili, Sheplers, $127.

Francis Fringe Poncho, Glistening Yellow, Chico’s, $60.

Hope Fringe Poncho, FabHeist, $30.

levis (2)

715 Vintage Boot Cut Jeans, Levi’s, $60.


*Photos of Tammy by Marcie Everhart


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